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By: Good Riddance  09-12-2011
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Can you really afford to hold on to your clutter?

The worst part of hanging on to clutter, besides the low self esteem, guilt and time wasted in pursuit of lost objects, is the inability to have the things you truly want, because you have no room for them. Simply put, if you rid yourself of the unwanted, you make space for the desirable.


Good Riddance’s Supportive Relocation Assistance or Aging in Place Services


Practically Daughters Assistance for Aging in Place

Most seniors wish to stay in their homes for the rest of their lives. In fact an AARP survey found this number to be greater than 80% of seniors. This "stay at home" approach is also known as "Aging in Place”.

However, quite often it is the home that creates the difficulties. Most residential housing is geared to young healthy adults and does not consider age-related conditions such as reduced mobility or limited range of reach. Consequently, homes do not support the physical and sensory changes that older adults encounter as they age. What seem like insignificant home features can have considerable effect, for a person with even minor aging issues. Practically Daughters™’ professional organizers understand that successful “Aging in Place" requires planning. It is important to do a thorough assessment of the home to assure that it is properly organized for comfort, safety and accessibility.  We remove clutter and other hazards and work with handymen and renovations experts to install necessary modifications in the home that allow seniors to remain in familiar surroundings and neighbourhoods where support systems are in place.

Practically Daughters
Supportive Relocation Services

Good Riddance’s Practically Daughters™ program focuses on the specific needs of seniors who are often faced moving from a home in which they have resided for many years, at a time in their lives when they may be experiencing reduced physical performance. Many seniors may need support through this transition especially if family members are unable or have limited time to assist in the downsizing process. When an individual needs to relocate to a retirement community or care facility, our Practically Daughters™ program provides the know-how and decision support to organize the home for sale or clearing. Our staff is dedicated to helping families decide what do to with memories that span a lifetime. Through Good Riddance’s Practically Daughters™ program and their partners, excess and unwanted belongings find good homes through sale, donation and recycling. Our seniors relocation specialists organize the entire move including floor plan, packing and unpacking, hiring and supervising movers and setting up the new residence.

How do you stay organized when you are constantly in orbit? Every age, from infancy to the teen years, has its accompanying possessions to manage. For new and experienced parents, all that stuff can be overwhelming. We help families to implement simple and practical strategies to control clutter, engaging family members as resources to help design the organizing solutions that work best for them. From designing learning environments to support success at school or organizing kid’s bedrooms and closets, sports equipment, and collections, we view the de-cluttering process as a sustainable practice. Our purpose is to teach families how to reduce, re-use and recycle, optimizing their existing storage. Good Riddance shows you how to let go, to make room so that other things may enter their lives.

Reaching your middle years presents both opportunities and challenges. As members of the “sandwich generation” you can count yourself among those balancing the needs of family and older parents. Perhaps you have inherited excess furniture and belongings that you don’t have room for, or you are taking care of your parents in addition to work responsibilities. If you are planning to sell your home, Good Riddance can assist with your downsizing needs. Moving from a large home to smaller quarters involves stressful, critical decision-making. It is a proven fact that by removing the clutter prior to putting a home on the market reduces the time to sell and improves your profit margin. This is the perfect occasion to take stock of what you actually need. Good Riddance experts can expedite packing, unpacking and organizing your new dwelling.

Are you changing careers? Running a business out of your home? Are the paper piles out of control? Working from home presents opportunities for making modifications to your living space to accommodate life changes. Good Riddance professionals can help create order out of chaos with systems that are easy to maintain.

Keywords: Clutter