Comparison of Good Measure Meals' Competitors

By: Good Measure Meals  09-12-2011
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Competitor Comparison

Making the Right Meal Plan Choice for You

We realize that you may be able to purchase other, less expensive meal plans, so our staff has carefully evaluated our competition to see how we compare. Here are our comparisons of GMM vs. other meal plans based on their web site and published data.

While our competitors are focused on low prices and weight loss, we take a more comprehensive approach to nutrition and your health.

No fad diets, dehydrated products or inconsistent calories from GMM. Just great food that is fresh, healthy and filled with the nutrients your body needs.

Keywords: Meal Plan

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Meal Plan Options | Gourmet Health Food from Good Measure Meals

Our lacto/ovo menu features a 5 week cycle of fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat dairy, whole grains, nuts and vegetable protein. The menu features a healthy caloric balance of 18-22% protein, 27-30% healthy fats and 50-55% health-promoting carbohydrates. The Good Measure Meals™ Vegetarian menu is the only fresh meal plan option in Georgia designed for the vegetarian community.


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All are on a 5 week rotation, ensuring lots of variety, and adhere to a healthy balance of 22-25% protein, 27-30% healthy fat and 45-48% consistent health promoting carbohydrates. Employers that support and promote wellness for their employees receive significant payback from a more productive workforce. We update our menus twice each year in order to feature seasonal favorites in our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter menus.