Golden Appeal Commercial And Residential Property Maintenance

By: Golden Appeal  09-12-2011
Keywords: Landscaping, Property Maintenance

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I offer a range of services from landscaping to seasonal property maintenance needs 7 days aweek. Please refer to the service section for further detailed services and options. If you have a residential rental property, commercial building or lease a space/building well curb side
appeal is very important but unfortunately is sometimes forgotten. My experience has seen that if a property in regularly maintained people will respect it which is a direct saves to the property owner as well as it draws appropriate cliental to the business store front. The positive for rentals is very similar in the fact of the respect aspect as well it motivates the tenant to take on a maintenance or watch dog role
because they can see that someone cares. Are you in need of a caretaker for your personal residence, rental or commercial building on a routine basis or when your on vacation? We offer a wide range of options and services or will adapt to you needs.

Have a special event planned or possibly a last minute one and need an extra pair of hands to give your property a general top to bottom clean-up. It is impressive what can be accomplished in a few hours when you can hire my team of people or just myself if that is all that is required.

I would be happy to inspect your properties and meet with you to go over my findings and solutions in making your properties have that Golden curb side Appeal.

Services options

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly & or On-Call
  • Working assistance - Assisting people with yardwork
  • Delivery of materials to direct spot ( Specific drop off locations on property )

Design/Construct/Maintain, Maintenance Services on a weekly/Bi-weekly/ Monthly or on-call basis. Ie: all levels of lawn care, pruning, hedges, tree service, weeding, blowing , sprinkler service, delivery of all landscaping materials. Yard waste removal.

Painting, graffiti removal, power washing, replacing burn-out lights, gutters/drains/windows, hauling ie; equipment/garbage/recycling and routine odd jobs and repairs.

Painting, replacing burn-out lights, hauling ie; equipment/garbage/recycling, commercial , routine odd jobs or repairs and residential lease/rental clean-up or restoration.

Delivery of any yard material up to 3 yards delivered to your property, or specific property drop off.

schedule to suit the need of company or resident. Plowing, shovel & salt services site inspections looking for issues for immediate attention ie: roof, structure, drainage, emergency access. 

Keywords: Landscaping, Property Maintenance