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By: Go To Supply Chain Management  09-12-2011

To become a qualified carrier for SCM we will need:

  1. Copy of the carriers Federal Operating Authority. This will be a certificate or permit for contract or common carrier authority showing the carrierÂ’s MC number and legal company name.
  2. A completed W-9
  3. A signed Broker-Carrier contract.
  4. SCM requires a minimum of $750,000.00 auto coverage and a minimum of $50,000.00 cargo coverage. SCM utilizes the services of Transcore for our insurance monitoring. If you are not listed in their database they will contact you for updated insurance certificates.
  5. Completed carrier profile form. This includes your remit to address.

SCM will process your invoice the day it is received and a check will be cut the week of receiving the invoice if all paperwork is in order.

Paperwork requirements

  1. Invoice (please include our load number on your invoice)
  2. A copy of our rate confirmation.
  3. All paperwork required for load invoiced(POD, interchanges, signed paperwork from consignee)

  4. Any additional charges must be on the rate confirmation in order to be paid.

SCM has two quick pay options

  1. Direct deposit (2% discount off full agreed upon invoice amount)
  2. Comdata (3.5% discount off full agreed upon invoice amount)

Please contact Stacy for quick pay options at 912-443-4008.

Please include your invoice # along with our trip #.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

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