By: Go Green Hydro Fuel  09-12-2011

Go Green Hydro Fuel offers multiple services. Providing better fuel economy, increased horsepower and cleaner emissions.

We are certified to instruct mechanics how to install the HAFC and tune the vehicle for best results.

Coming soon will be Advanced Gas Mileage. This will be a State of the art, full auto service center offering a wide range of affordable auto repairs and products.

  • Installations, HAFC, Economax, PICC, Economiser, Econoplus and more.
  • 3 day mechanics install and tuning courses.

Our goal is to provide a superior service at an affordable cost. Making the world a cleaner place to live.

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Increase your income by learning how to install Hydrogen Fuel Cells and tune vehicles for optimal fuel savings. ALL PRODUCTS COME WITH A 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTY AND A 100% PARTS REPLACMENT GUARANTY FOR ONE FULL YEAR. Th e Advanced HHO Model DC450 is one of the most reliable dry cell units availible today. KITS COME COMPLETE WITH ALL NECESSARY COMPONENTS FOR INSTALLATION. Cleaner engine for longer life. GO GREEN HYDRO FUEL PRODUCTS.