By: Gnossis  09-12-2011
Keywords: Intellectual Property

gNOSSIS can help you license your patents and technology.  If you are a small company with patents and technology that you want to monetize, then let gNOSSIS help you do it.  We'll put a license offering together and develop a compelling value proposition to take to market that will attract the 'high-value licensee' prospects you are looking for.  We can also negotiate the deal for you.

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Patent Licensing Services

  • Determine the most licensable patents and technologies in the client portfolio.
  • Develop the license offerings.
  • Develop a compelling value proposition for the offering that attracts high value prospects.
  • Develop a licensing strategy for the offering that maximizes outcomes.
  • Negotiate the deal to give the best possible outcomes.
  • Assist and teach the client in starting an in-house patent licensing business that is a sustainable profit making arm of the business.

Intellectual Property Management Services

  • Learn to treat your intellectual property assets as business assets that should be leveraged for more maximum value extraction.
  • Link intellectual property strategies to business strategies.
  • Assist and teach the client to manage intellectual property as business assets.
  • Develop criteria to minimize patent maintenance costs while keeping the most strategic patents active and ready.
  • Develop an enterprise work process to manage intellectual property assets strategically.

Emulsion Polymer Technology Services

  • Advise on product and applications research development in:
    • vinyl acetate emulsion polymers and copolymers for applications in adhesives, nonwovens and coatings 
    • polyvinyl alcohol in specialty applications

Keywords: Intellectual Property