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By: Glovsky Law  09-12-2011

Indemnification CounselorTM

One of the biggest obstacles for closing deals is the negotiation of indemnification issues. The Indemnification CounselorTM provides a simple fixed-price solution for reviewing, drafting and negotiating troublesome indemnification provisions. Having real-time advice from an experienced attorney can minimize delays and avoid "hidden" liabilities in an agreement.

The Indemnification Counselor includes productivity tools, such as Term TrackerTM and Diagram GuideTM, which enable clients to document negotiation results and set policies that will streamline future negotiations of indemnification provisions. One of a series of fixed-price legal solutions offered by Indigo Venture Law Offices, this solution also provides, at no additional charge, 30-day access to an experienced attorney with to review and discuss issues related to the specific matter.


Review Client Objectives
Discuss Alternate Language
Develop Negotiation Strategy

Revise Indemnification Provision
Suggest Standardized Provisions
Summary Report of Key Issues

Term Tracker
Diagram Guide

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