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By: Globaltaxhelp  09-12-2011
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Procedural Steps  for Performance of Engagement
(The example below is of a typical engagement, and may vary depending on unique client factors)

Step Three: Either in our phone call or by e-mail (regular or secure), provide your credit card information (number, expiration date, and name as printed on card). Or, you may send funds via wire transfer; simply request banking instructions.

Step Four
: If it had been requested by us, sign and date page two of the and fax to us at 01-206-522-2004.

Step Six: Please fax us a copy of the most recent US tax return (and state return, if relevant) you have filed with the IRS. Please also fax us copies of any NON-US income tax returns or related documents (if any) that cover the years involved.

Step Seven: We will prepare the returns specified in the engagement letter, based on the figures you report to me. Please feel free to contact us at any point regarding any aspect of the engagement. We shall make every effort to complete your returns before their normal due dates, assuming at least 72 hours prior receipt by us of your input materials (include W-2s, 1099s, 1098s, if applicable). While expats have until June 15th to file a form 1040 return, that is only applicable if you are out of the country on that date. We file an extension prior to April 15th regardless, because if – for any reason – the June 15th filing date is not met, you are still extended to October 15th.

Step Eight: Doing expat tax returns often creates a some flurry of state and/or IRS follow-up correspondence which adds anywhere from 1 to 5 hours of additional work on our part. Such time is charged at the US$220 per hour rate if and as incurred.

FEES: The fees are three stage – pre-preparation, preparation, and follow-up.

Stage One is payment of a $650 retainer (sent with the signed client agreement) which will apply against preparation fees.  The retainer assures that you have a CPA and we have a client.

Stage Three (see Step 8 above ) is priced at US$240/hr, payable as incurred.

TERMS: MasterCard, Visa, and American Express are accepted.

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Keywords: income tax, income tax returns, Tax Return, Tax Returns

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