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By: Globalscape  09-12-2011
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Is your computer adequately protected from viruses?

While antivirus software is important for your computer, it does not provide full protection against viruses and malicious software. Computer threats are becoming more complex and are rapidly increasing in number each day. Even reputable websites can be infected. According to a December 2010 Gartner Group report,
A Buyer's Guide to Endpoint Protection Platforms, signature-based antivirus products detect only 25% to 50% of new threats. Traditional antivirus software simply can't keep up anymore.

What is application whitelisting?

Application whitelisting is the next generation approach to defeating malicious software. Essentially you decide what applications are allowed to run on your computer. All other applications, including viruses, are blocked from running. Application whitelisting software automatically enforces your approved list, rather than trying to keep up with an exponentially growing "blacklist" of malicious software.

Why appShield?

appShield complements your current antivirus software, acting as a user-controlled final layer of defense to immediately stop viruses that get past your antivirus software. appShield gives you the cost-effective control needed to defeat even the newest, most sophisticated viruses so that you can spend more time using your computer and less time worrying about scanning or repairing it.

appShield provides the following features and benefits:

  • Immediately blocks unauthorized programs from running, including the most sophisticated viruses and zero-day threats
  • Offers always-on protection against the latest malware and viruses that haven't yet been identified by even the most up-to-date antivirus software
  • Operates inside the OS kernel to protect against malicious software processes
  • Presents a simple and easy to understand user interface that allows flexible authorization or blocking of applications
  • Provides visibility into all programs attempting to run on the computer
  • Consumes minimal computer resources, unlike traditional antivirus software

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Keywords: Antivirus Products, Antivirus Software, Application Whitelisting, Protection Against Viruses, Software Contact,

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