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By: Globalex  09-12-2011
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Our thorough approach to risk management goes much further than the placement of insurance. Here is an overview of the services we provide as your insurance broker, most of which can be provided at no additional cost to you. Our ultimate goal is to reduce your risk profile which will not only contribute to reducing your insurance cost but most importantly, reduce the likelihood of a loss which could otherwise negatively impact your organization.

Global Experience

Insurance program design

Each client is different and has unique needs. At Globalex, we take great pride in understanding your business and will develop a customized solution that meets or exceeds your requirements.

Risk profile improvement process

With our wealth of underwriting experience and our specialty focus, we understand your business and have the unique ability to implement procedures that will improve your risk profile in the eyes of the insurers, thereby attracting more competitive terms on your insurance program.

Pre-renewal strategy sessions

We like to simplify the insurance renewal process for our clients while at the same time eliminating any element of surprise. We work closely with our clients well in advance of the renewal to develop a strategic plan of action that will achieve the best results.

Contract review process

As part of our value-added services, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your corporate contracts (licensing agreements, employee contracts, leases, etc.) to review the critical clauses and to ensure that your insurance program is in compliance with the contract requirements.

Globalex Expertise

Proprietary corporate exposures analysis

Globalex will invest the time to understand every facet of your business in order to assist your team in identifying the risks your business is exposed to. We will evaluate the effectiveness of current risk management practices and explore a spectrum of alternative strategies to minimize risk and reduce insurance costs.

Insurance program audits

We will thoroughly analyze your present insurance program and determine its level of effectiveness in consideration of your organization’s specific exposures and risk management objectives.

Risk management service plans

Our approach is very consultative. Working in conjunction with our client, we will develop an annual service plan that sets the objectives and service expectations for the coming year and holds us accountable for our service commitments.

Globalex Excellence

Global program design

Proactive quarterly reviews

Your organization faces constant change, and your insurance and risk management program needs to keep up. We schedule regular meetings with you so that we can be proactive and anticipate your needs rather than react to them.

Annual management reports

We will provide a thorough annual report on the state of the market, your premium and claims experience, and our recommendations for going forward.

Claims review process

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your claims history on an ongoing basis in an effort to identify loss trends, develop risk mitigation strategies, and achieve the proper balance between risk retention and risk transfer.

Keywords: contract review, Insurance, Insurance Program, Risk Management,

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Life/Disability/Key Man/Partnership :: Globalex

Globalex offers directors and officers life, disability and serious illnesses insurance that may be required by the various investors and business partners to insure the continuity of the company and the financial security of all those involved. The success of small and medium sized businesses quite often depends on the services of key people, such as the owners, associates, shareholders, directors and officers.


Customized Services :: Globalex

Globalex is an extension of your business operations group, working directly with senior management to ensure every component of your company is securely covered. Globalex develops customized insurance programs for each of our customer’s specific business requirements. Quarterly reviews and Annual Management Report. Insurance Brokerage and Negotiation Services. Contract Review and Pre-Renewal Services.


Risk Mitigation :: Globalex

Globalex improves the risk profile for your company typically resulting in significant reduction of insurance premiums while minimizing risk exposure. Phase 1 - Risk identification and EvaluationPhase 2 - Risk Assessment and Review of OptionsPhase 3 - Risk Profile Preparation and Improvement. Globalex offers an audit-driven process for companies to evaluate and mitigate risk throughout the organization.


Business Continuity :: Globalex

Working with trusted partners as required, we analyze every aspect of your business from the supply chain to the end user; and develop a plan to minimize your critical dependencies and reduce potential downtime. Globalex Business Interruption and Continuity Planning is designed to prepare your organization for unplanned events that could threaten your business. We believe that every company should be prepared for a rainy day.


Mergers and Acquisitions :: Globalex

Globalex offers our Mergers and Acquisition services specifically designed to assist companies through this intensive business process. We work with our customers to analyze new risks and minimize exposures during the due diligence process. Moving forward, we ensure that the post-merger/acquisition company is securely covered.


Group Benefits :: Globalex

Globalex works closely with our partner organizations to offer a full range of health coverage in the framework of group plans for employers or associations. We work with trusted partners and insurers in order to negotiate the group insurance plans that are best-suited to the needs of our clients. We analyze the needs of potential clients and recommend the most effective approach.