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By: Global Development Partners  09-12-2011

Full Service Procurement Assistance (FSPA)

We offer a range of services including:


Taken Together, Phases 1 through 6 offer a complete Supply Chain Management Service.

  • Phase 1   Producing an Initial Supplier List - Based on the client’s requirements, such as product characteristics, production methodology, quality specifications, and capacity/volume projections, GdP produces an initial supplier list of 5-10 producers with basic information related to each product to be sourced.
  • Phase 2   Supplier Research/Investigation - GdP conducts thorough research of client selected firms from the initial list of potential suppliers provides in Phase 1 above. The investigation includes manufacturing capability of product ranges, capacity, ISO certifications, preliminary financials, and any other secondary sourced information requested by the client.
  • Phase 3   Supplier Qualification Process - After the client selects a final list of companies, after their analysis of the information provided of the Phase 2 list above, GdP directly contacts the selected potential suppliers to verify information and confirms specific data requests.

Full Service Manufacturing Assistance (FSMA)

This service has Six (6) Phases. It is a continuation of Full Service Procurement Assistance process described above.

  • Phase 4   On-site Visit and Contract Negotiation - After completing the FSPA process above, the client selects one or a number of potential suppliers, they would like to visit for purposes of inspection and/or contract negotiation with translation services. Services can also include establishing manufacturing and quality assurance standards.
  • Phase 5   Managing Contract Fulfillment - A qualified manufacturing representative is on-site to represent the best interests of the client. The representative will monitor scheduling, production quantities, as well as manufacturing and quality standards.
  • Phase 6   Logistic Assistance - GdP can provide a full-range of logistical support. These services include inventory management, consolidating and staging product(s) for shipment, export and import clearance documentation worldwide, and delivery to a single or multiple destinations.

Strategic Market Entry Assistance (SMEA)

    Through GdP’s knowledge of industries, markets, the Chinese culture, and government policies and practices, the client’s entry into the PRC will be the correct one for them. Market condition variables are matched with client aspirations and resources to develop a stable market entry strategy that is correct for them. Entry alternatives range from simple export/import to a wholly owned foreign enterprise (WOFE). (Since entry into the WTO, joint ventures are no longer required.)

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