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Women's Hairstyles to Be Less Structured Women will be looking for new hairstyles with less structure for the forthcoming season, according to one expert stylist. Lucie Seffens, senior press relations coordinator, at TONI&GUY, said ladies will be looking for softer, less-styled hairdos for the new..

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Top Destinations For 2010 When celebrities go on vacation, they do it in style, and spare no expense, for top 2010 destinations. With a demanding life in the limelight you can't blame them for choosing vacation destinations that really count.


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If these are questions fired at you on a regular basis then spare a thought for Mel Gibson next time your son or daughter asks for a loan from the bank of.. Do you have time to stop watching the game and tell me in detail where babies come from. Dad, can I have some money.


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The Price is Right: purchase 10 cleaning or household items; for instance, cleaners, polishes, detergents, soaps, etc. Here are some fun games you can play at your next bridal shower.


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The day began at 5:30 am with Hip Hop Abs with Shawn T. Can't believe it, I am now a Yellow Belt. Six months ago and no one could have told me that I would be a student of martial arts. Thus Shawn T at 5:30, must get stronger and in better shape. Let's go Shawn T. Later in the morning, appointment..