Steel Body Mandrel Pigs with Cups, Discs, Brushes, Magnets, Transmitters and Gauging Plates

By: Girard Industries  09-12-2011
Keywords: Polyurethane, Mandrel Pigs

Girard Mandrel Pigs

The Girard Mandrel Pig consists of a solid steel body with polyurethane or rubber cup and disc wear parts as well as optional accessories for specific applications. This design allows for the easy onsite removal and replacement of the cups, discs and other ware parts with little down time.

The Girard Mandrel Pigs’ cups and disc are available in Polyurethane, Neoprene and Nitrile in various durometers for superior scraping and sealing. They attach to the Girard Mandrel Pig either through a center-hole for smaller sizes (standard 3” thru 14”) or bolt-hole circles for larger sizes (standard 16” and up). The number of cups and discs as well as their arrangement can be customized to accommodate certain application and desired results. This gives the Girard Mandrel Pig the ability to overcome some of the most difficult pipeline obstacles such as short pipeline bends, tees and multi-diameter pipelines.

The ability to add Brushes, Magnets, Gauging Plates and other options to the nearly limitless configurations of the Girard Mandrel Pig make it an excellent choice for pipeline cleaning, batching, gauging, displacement, bi-directional, dual-diameter, hydrostatic testing and removal of paraffin and scale build-up.

Keywords: Mandrel Pigs, Polyurethane,

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Pictured above is Girard Industries own Foam Polly-Pigs, Steel Mandrel Pigs, Polyurethane Spheres, Solid-Cast Turbo Pigs and Spare Urethane Cups & Discs all manufactured by Girard at their plant in Houston, Texas. Girard Has a Pipeline Cleaning Pig For Every Application.