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By: Gh Edwards  09-12-2011
Keywords: Glass, Market Research, Due Diligence

Consulting in Industrial minerals Geology, Market Research in Industrial Minerals, Glass Raw Materials, Glass Technology, Minerals Processing and Recycling.

G.H. Edwards & Associates, Incorporated is an independent consulting group providing multidisciplinary services to the glass, mining, recycling, and related industries. Formed to create a focus of diverse skills in the areas of industrial minerals geology and marketing, glass technology, and chemical, mineral, and waste processing, GHE&A, Inc. offers the client a single point of contact for technical and marketing support.

Typical recent services for clients have included:

Surveys of industrial mineral markets
Industrial mineral market development
Batch economics analyses for client glasses
Litigation support
Expert witness services in legal actions
Glass technology and plant support services
Technical support to industrial mineral marketing and sales
Glass defect analysis
Due diligence services in support of acquisitions
Analyses of World reserves of specific minerals

GEORGE H. EDWARDS served for many years as Chief Geologist for Corning Glass Works (Corning Incorporated). He has published extensively in international and American technical journals in the fields of industrial minerals, glass and ceramic raw materials, and recycling. He served as a member of Corning's Raw Material Core Group, a corporate-level advisory and policy body, as well as on the Corporate Waste Vitrification Business Team. Mr. Edwards was the Project Manager for Lithium for Corning, and in that capacity held technical responsibility for securing supplies of lithium ores and chemicals internationally. He has first-hand experience with most of the lithium mines in the world. Mr. Edwards also held Project Manager responsibility for high-purity silica sands, magnesia, feldspars, and other mineral and chemical commodities.

J. TERRY FISK is a microscopist and petrographer specializing in the identification and analysis of defects and contaminants in glass, as well as the mineralogy of glass raw materials. He has served as a Senior Scientist in the Microscopy and Microanalysis Department of Corning, Inc., specializing in the application of polarized light microscopy (PLM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The author of a number of papers on the microscopal analysis of glass defects, Terry has also taught seminars in this technology. He is a graduate of the McCrone Research Institute with a degree in Chemical Microscopy.

JOSEPH C. KEANEY, JR. has been associated with the marketing of industrial minerals to the glass industry for his entire career. Since graduating from Denison University in Economics, Joe served as Partner, and later as President, of J. C. Keaney & Sons, and Keaney Minerals, Inc. of Pittsburgh. He worked with several glass producers to organize a consortium dedicated to testing and developing batch treatment technology. Joe is active on glass industry committees.

DR. ROBERT J. RYDER is a glass technologist with decades-long experience in senior technical management of glass manufacturing operations. He headed the research and development efforts for Brockway Glass Company, first as Director and later as Vice President, and then served in quality assurance capacities and as Vice President and Technical Director of Owens-Brockway. In these positions, Dr. Ryder had hands-on experience with the full range of glass container manufacturing. He is a Fellow of the American Ceramics Society.

VICTOR O. AUME. Victor Aume is a glass technologist with a chemical engineering background and extensive experience in many aspects of glass manufacturing. He has been involved with glass raw materials, furnace operations, defect analysis and reduction, and quality control for Corning, Incorporated and for Thomson Consumer Electronics. At Thomson he provided support to a range of glass projects, including the use of outside cullet in cathode-ray tube glass production. He has worked on glass production projects in India, China, and in Europe.

Additional disciplines available through GHE&A include glass furnace engineering, start-up and operation, plant design and operation, and due diligence studies of new and proposed ventures. Associates reside in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

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Keywords: Due Diligence, Glass, Glass Defect Analysis, Glass Technology, Industrial Minerals, Litigation Support, Market Research,