Winalite Crystal Moon

By: Ggs Winalite  09-12-2011

Crystal Moon Package Contain: 2x 32 Fl. oz. Filled Bottles
3x 8 Fl. oz. Filled Bottles
2x 2 Fl. oz. Empty Refillable Bottles
2x 1 Fl. oz. Empty Refillable BottlesCrystal Moon (CM) is an excellent multi-purpose cleaner that is designed for everyday use. CM removes unwanted stains, dust, organic oils and airborne odors with our 100% natural formulation. CM is environmentally safe and another of our people friendly products designed for everyday cleaning challenges: floors, wall, countertops, fabrics, glass, metals, wood cabinets, entertainment screens and airborne odors. CM is people friendly safe for everyone in your household. Our products are gentle, non-toxic and non-flammable, designed to enhance your living environment. We have the label, but what is significant about Crystal Moon is you can spray it on your hands and it creates an anti-bacterial barrier. ALSO, and very important, aside from being a fantastic Multi-Purpose Cleaner, you can spray this product on your electronics (careful on the actual screen) and it will repel dust for months-unless water touches it.Everyday Applications:• General Cleaner
• Leather Cleaner
• Odor Eliminator
• Anti-Static Nanotech Film Protector
• Stainless Steel metal Polisher
• Degreasing Scrub
• Bactreria KillerGeneral Cleaner
Apply Crystal Moon (CM) to the intended surface, wipe clean to dry. After drying, take a clean water dampened cloth and wipe off remaining streaks for a final dry cloth polishing.Leather Cleaner
Apply CM to a clean damp cloth and wipe leather as needed to remove stain from the soiled area. Caution: Let CM dry between applications or wipe dry. Leather will excessively soften if over exposed to surface standing CM and may result in leather distortion.Odor Eliminator
Apply CM with a misting sprayer in the surrounding air or source of the odor. Repeat as necessary to eliminate odor and when every possible remove odor source to reduce applications.Anti-Static Nanotech Film Protector
Apply CM to desired surface with mist spray and wipe clean. Let dry and wipe away any remaining streaks with a clean, water-dampened cloth. Over time, it may become necessary to repeat application procedure depending on environment. Stainless Steel Polisher
Spray CM directly on clean cloth and wipe metal surface in direction of polish lines, removing all surface smudges or soil. After letting dry, remove streaks by wiping along polish lines of original applied surface.Degreasing Scrub
Spray CM on greasy area. Using a brushing tool, gently scrub solution onto greasy buildup. Reapply as needed until area is clean. Flush with water and let dry. Reapply CM for a dry protective film to aid in reducing future cleaning efforts.Dealing with Bacteria
Spray CM and wipe clean, allowing 5 minutes or more of drying time for maximum bacteria elimination effect. Daily applications are recommended on surface areas that experience greater organic (life) contact: desks, door knobs, hand rails, purses, food preparation areas, etc.General Cleaning Tips
Do not dilute CM; use product as is. This product leaves a nano-barrier film to insure cleaning performance. Any reduction in concentration may inhibit performance. When wiping with clean, water damp cloth, be gentle. Over wiping may remove translucent protective film. Polishing with a dry cloth in most cases will enhance surface shine. If cleaning with other products, use CM last (do not mix with other products) after initial product has completely dried. CM will treat the intended surface with a nano-barrier resistant to dust and bacteria. Drying time (crystallization) for CM under most conditions is 5 minutes or visually when light streaking has stopped. Temperature and humidity will effect drying time.Caution
Mild eye and skin irritant. In case of eye contact, flush with water. Consult a physician if irritation develops. In case of ingestion, contact a physician. Keep out of reach of children.Contents
Water, less than 1% sodium carbonate (water softener) and other natural compounds, non-organic multiple soil/stain removers, forming non-toxic polymers.

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