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By: Gfi Petromark  09-12-2011
Keywords: Fuel, Oil Companies, Brand Protection

At GFI-Petromarkā„¢, we are currently applying our unique services to three primary segments of the fuel authentication industry: preventing theft and adulteration resulting in the sale of illicit fuels, brand protection, and preventing the theft and resale of duty free, subsidized or other types of state-controlled fuel distribution to avoid or reduce excise duty payments. Halting the Dissemination of Illicit Fuels
Our all-inclusive, integral system marks and detects all kinds of fuel types, anytime, anywhere, and in no time. Since our marker is inimitable, and our detection system infallible, we have become the forerunners in providing comprehensive fuel authentication solutions worldwide. We are currently providing these integral solutions to leading oil companies who have praised us for the lost revenues they have regained. Brand Protection
A company's brand is a very valuable commodity, since creating one is a quite costly venture. Maintaining a strong and consistent brand image is of crucial importance in the highly competitive world of oil marketing. In order to protect your brand reputation from the damaging effects of organized fraud, we have developed innovative solutions that will help prevent product adulteration and reduce losses due to fraudulent activity in the field. We are committed to discovering tainted fuels before your reputation can become damaged. We assist you in backing up your product claims using indisputable proof from our state-of-the-art field-testing and laboratory facilities. Our unique solutions are capable of protecting your firm from litigation by using our technological know-how to substantiate your claims. Additionally, we support your efforts to launch new products with confidence into new markets, knowing that they have been field tested and analyzed by our specialists. Solutions for Governments
Governments face a barrage of counterfeiters and frauds that attempt to redirect subsidized fuels to sectors where they were not intended to be distributed. Additionally, duty-free fuels are also sold in markets where taxes and excises should be collected. The revenue losses that states incur as a result of this type of criminal activity are simply colossal. We are assisting government controlled oil companies in combating this type of tax evasion and organized criminal activity through our unique solutions.

Keywords: Brand Protection, Fuel, Oil Companies, Subsidized Fuels,

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