By: Gfi Network Server Monitor  09-12-2011
Keywords: Network Server, Server Monitor

What happens when something goes wrong on the network after your administrator has left the office? With GFI Network Server MonitorTM your administrator can deal with the problem quickly and efficiently from any location,saving you from a potentially expensive system failure.

All prices shown are per IP and are exclusive of tax.

10-24 IPs AUD$202.95 AUD$186.55* AUD$101.48 AUD$40.59
25-49 IPs AUD$120.95 AUD$112.75 AUD$60.48 AUD$24.19
50-99 IPs AUD$79.95 AUD$73.80 AUD$39.98 AUD$15.99
100-249 IPs AUD$65.60 AUD$61.50 AUD$32.80 AUD$13.12
250-499 IPs AUD$47.15 AUD$45.10 AUD$23.58 AUD$9.43
500-999 IPs AUD$41.00 AUD$38.95 AUD$20.50 AUD$8.20
1000-2999 IPs AUD$30.75 AUD$28.70 AUD$15.38 AUD$6.15

* The price marked is also available for 5 to 9 additional IPs
** (inc. 1 year SMA)

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Network Server, Server Monitor

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