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By: Get Squared Away  09-12-2011
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Office Organizing: “Locally” or “Virtual”

Local Office Organizing

What is your office environment like? Do you want to go there every day? Does it inspire you?

We create spaces that will help you reach your potential by:

  • Looking at the placement of your furniture and making suggestions
  • Assessing the lighting in your office
  • Suggesting decorating ideas from color of paint on your walls to pictures
  • Helping you par down and de-clutter
  • Sorting through and filing your papers
  • Setting up a proper filing system with new tabs and labels
  • Organizing your reference material
  • Cataloguing your books, magazines, and manuals

Is local organizing right for you?

  • If you live in location to me
  • If your time could be better spent working on your business
  • If you just want someone to come and put your paperwork away where you can find it
  • If you lack focus easily and need someone to keep you on track

Virtual Office Organizing

What is your office environment like? Do you want to go there every day? Does it inspire you?

We create spaces that will help you reach your potential by:

  • Setting up a time to work together via the phone
  • Coaching you through the various stages of de-cluttering
  • Looking at any pictures you might send and offering suggestions on furniture placement, lighting, decorating ideas

Is virtual organizing for you?

  • If I can’t drive to see your office
  • If you are self-motivated and want a proven method for getting your office in order
  • If you don’t think you can afford an in-house organizer
  • If you feel embarrassed about the mess

Fee: $99.00 for a virtual organizing day.

What is a virtual organizing day?

It’s a day you will schedule that will be free of any other appointments. You will turn the ringer off on your phone and call me three times that day (30 minutes each) to ask questions and for your next steps in the process MST (at approx. 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.) Before you schedule your day, I will send you a pre-virtual organizing packet that will tell you everything you need to do to prepare for a productive day. No more guess work or getting distracted, this day will give you complete focus so that when you start your day with a messy office, you will end with it transformed.

Time Management

What are your barriers to being successful? What are you about and what do you want to be about? Are you feeling frustrated and inadequate?

We provide customized solutions depending on your needs. Our client is the most important member and together we combine our expertise. Here is our plan for you:

  • Assess your most pressing needs
  • Give you strategies to deal with the work over-load
  • Help you identify negative, self-defeating behaviors
  • Identify what is draining your energy
  • Talk about habits and your nervous system
  • Teach you easy ways to prioritize and focus
  • Organize your desk, files, and work space
  • Show you how to keep on top of everything and save countless hours of time every week
  • Provide a climate of support and encouragement
  • Have you leave the office by 5:00 pm

Is time management for you?

  • If you’d like to stay on top of everything
  • If you’d like to be able to prioritize
  • If you’d like to learn a simple and effective project management system
  • If you’d like to accomplish some goals in your life and not talk about “some day” you will ….
  • If you’d like to have more time for you and more time for you and your family
  • If you’d like to have someone support you, believe in you, challenge you, and cheer you on

Please call to schedule a free 20 minute consult to discuss your time management needs.

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Keywords: Office Organizing, time management, Virtual Organizing

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