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By: Gesundheit  09-12-2011
Keywords: Nutrition, disease, Fatty Acids

  • High nutrient profile with 42% more plant protein than the leading competitors
  • The healthy omega 3 fats EPA and DHA contained in fish are largely influenced by the phytoplankton that fish consume as a source of nourishment. Marine phytoplankton is therefore considered the most critical source of omega 3 fatty acids to our environment
  • The intense chlorophyll content helps to increase oxygen uptake and higher oxygen uptake means more fuel to muscles leading to improved performance and endurance
  • Phytoplankton is also very alkalizing. People who do not have a healthy, balanced diet are moving their body into an acidic state creating an environment more conducive to disease
  • Grown and harvested in a purified sea environment providing the highest nutritional quality with absolutely zero contamination
  • Long term nutritional benefits include its antioxidant support. Food source antioxidants are known to consistently prevent the development of disease
  • Nutritional effects including dramatic improvements in energy levels, mental clarity, and sense of well being
  • It is the origin of the food chain, all life forms are dependent on phytoplankton, and it is considered the king of cellular nutrition

Keywords: disease, Fatty Acids, Marine Phytoplankton, Nutrition, Phytoplankton

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Phytoplankton Antioxidants - Gesundheit Marine Phytoplankton

The levels of Antioxidants in your body determine your body's ability to slow down the aging process within cells, tissues, and organs. Gesundheit Phytoplankton has taken Phytoplankton testing to the next level by testing for these important factors. When the body does not produce enough antioxidants to counteract the free radicals, the result is cell damage. Cell damage can lead to premature aging, disease and serious illnesses.


Nutritional Facts - Gesundheit Marine Phytoplankton - nutrition

Interestingly, a recent animal study found that a unique strain of Gesundheit Marine Phytoplankton significantly reduced plasma and liver levels of cholesterol in male rats, demonstrating its potential benefits for cardiovascular health. Marine phytoplankton contains compounds including trace minerals, chlorophyll, omega 3 fats EPA and DHA, carotenoids, and other unidentified pigments.