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By: Gesundheit Bakery  09-12-2011
Keywords: Bread, Seeds, Rye Bread

Our Products

Here is a list of our current product line. 

(Heavier, denser white sourdough bread made with no preservatives, oil or sugar.) 

(Made with 20% Rye flour, this bread is great for sandwiches)

   Light Rye Bread w/Cheese 750g

(Made with 20% Rye flour

   Light Rye Bread w/ Caraway Seeds 750g

(Made with 20% Rye flour

   Flax Bread 750g

(A whole wheat dough with about 20% rye flour and loads of gound flax seeds

   Black Russian Rye Bread 500g

German Farmers Bread 750g

   German Farmers Multigrain Bread 750g

   Franken Bread 750g

   Bavarian Rye Bread 1kg

   Double Baked Swiss Bread 700g (markets only)

(This bread has a very thick crust and is full of holes. It goes great with meat and cheeses.) 

   100% Rye Bread 1kg

   Whole Grain Bread 1kg

   Spelt Bread 900g

White Sourdough Bread 500g (Markets only)

   French Bread 500g

   Italian White Bread 500g

   Italian White Bread w/Sundried Tomatoes 500g

   Classic White Bread 500g

(White Bread made without oil or sugar

   Classic 100% Whole Wheat Bread 500g

   Classic 7 Grain Bread 500g

   Schrippen Buns

Kaiser Buns (available in Sesame or Poppy Seeds) (markets only)

   Raisin Braid 500g

   Egg Braid 500g


German Apple Strudel

Cherry Strudel

   Seelen (markets only)

   Cranberry Granola 200g

Keywords: Bread, Rye Bread, Rye Flour, Seeds, White Bread