By: Georgetown Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Investigations, Fraud

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Strategic Intelligence
While information remains a critical asset for governments, corporations, and individuals, harnessing the vast amounts of public and proprietary data can pose a daunting challenge. The Georgetown Group is exceptionally skilled at uncovering, analyzing, and synthesizing multiple streams of information into actionable strategic intelligence. Our tactical intelligence capabilities have enabled law firms, corporations, government contractors and individuals to remain competitive and informed when it is most crucial. The Georgetown Group excels at providing targeted intelligence that is not publicly available or easily accessible. Through our domestic and international network of sources in government, the intelligence community, journalism, law enforcement and financial institutions, we convert information into strategic intelligence.

Due Diligence
The Georgetown Group provides due diligence services to protect our clients from potential fraud and unsafe investments before acquisitions, hires, or other business transactions. We examine the backgrounds and relationships of organizations and individuals to uncover any potential risks to our clients’ bottom lines and reputations. Financial scandals and employee malfeasance have placed corporations and individual investors at greater risk. However, failure to conduct a comprehensive due diligence investigation can often lead to financial loss, legal liability and a compromised reputation. Fortunately, there are precautions one can take to mitigate risk. Whether uncovering the criminal past of a potential business partner, finding evidence of corporate malfeasance, or exposing fraudulent credentials on a resume, The Georgetown Group is uniquely experienced to protect a client’s reputation and assets through our comprehensive due diligence services.

Public Relations Support
The Georgetown Group provides an array of services to guard our clients’ reputations and identities. We are adept at monitoring and influencing traditional media (television, newspapers and radio) as well as new media (Internet-based news, blogs and microblogs) in order to manage coverage and place high-impact content in an advantageous way for our clients. The Georgetown Group also provides crisis communication strategies and responses for our clients regarding fraud, litigation and breaches of trust or security. Whether placing strategic content in the media or developing and executing crisis management plans, The Georgetown Group safeguards our clients’ reputations through our comprehensive management of public information.

Fraud Investigations
The Georgetown Group’s professional services on behalf of clients involve investigations into embezzlement, misappropriation of corporate assets, political corruption, bribery, theft of intellectual property and industrial espionage. We have a proven track record of uncovering fraud, gathering supporting evidence and recovering assets. Our investigative resources include computer specialists, forensic accountants, former journalists and financial fraud experts. As our global economy increasingly becomes interconnected through trade, investment and technology, the methods and opportunities for criminals to commit sophisticated acts of fraud have expanded dramatically. Our technical expertise and broad network of trusted sources makes The Georgetown Group adept at successfully investigating all forms of fraud around the world.

Litigation Support
With over a decade of experience in litigation support, The Georgetown Group conducts investigations that uncover admissible evidence for litigation. We uncover information that gives our clients a strategic advantage in the courtroom and in negotiations at the settlement table. Whether gathering facts before a complaint or response has been filed, augmenting the discovery process by identifying and interviewing critical witnesses, locating key documents or investigating deponents, the information we gather can provide a decisive edge at any stage of litigation.

Security Consulting
The Georgetown Group provides our clients with proactive, layered approaches to security that prepare them for uncertain and ever-changing security conditions at home and abroad. We conduct comprehensive risk assessments and implement the most efficient and effective protective measures to address challenging threat conditions. Our experts in security, protection, and emergency management are drawn from top former military, law enforcement, and intelligence personnel. We help our clients act responsibly and effectively against security threats through security program management, crisis response management, international asset protection, protective operations, maritime security, counterterrorism, high profile individual protection, and counter surveillance services.

Keywords: Fraud, Investigations