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By: Generix  09-12-2011

Generix provides a comprehensive range of offerings and equipment which can accommodate sites that currently have a chartered bank machine (typically higher volume locations) as well as sites where an ABM unit is being installed for the first time. The company tailors its programs to the specific requirements of both the customer and the nature of the site in which placement of the ABM is being contemplated. Additionally, Generix Full Service and Merchant Operated programs eliminate the need for clients to incur capital expenditure or servicing costs.

Outlined below are two programs that can readily accommodate the needs of most clients, being the Full Service Program and the Merchant Operated Program.

FULL SERVICE PROGRAM – You provide the space and hydro, that’s it!

With the Full Service turnkey program, Generix provides all aspects of the service offering, without the need for capital expenditure, offering clients a completely hassle-free solution. It allows the client to deploy a leading edge ABM program while removing the burden associated with capital investment, implementation, operating expenses and ongoing management.

All aspects of operating the ABM network are provided by Generix, including the provision of both vault funds and armoured car services.

MERCHANT OPERATED PROGRAM – Higher returns, no capital investment

With the Merchant Operated program, Generix provides all of the components of the Full Service program, excluding vault cash and armoured car services. With this program, the client loads cash locally, avoiding the need for expensive armoured cars deliver cash to the ABM (s) on a regular basis.

Clients involved in the Merchant Operated program benefit from substantially higher compensation than that realized in the Full Service program while Generix continues to retain responsibility for all other elements of ABM infrastructure and support.

Additionally, by using funds the site to load the ABM, the client is able to receive next business day credit on their funds that have been dispensed from the ABM, without needing to remit those funds to their financial institution in the form of a deposit.

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Generix - Solutions - solutions

Generix fournit une gamme complète d’offres et d'équipement qui peuvent s’adapter aux divers emplacements requis, soit ceux qui ont actuellement une machine affilié à une banque soit encore des emplacements où une unité de ABM sera installée pour la première fois.