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By: Generali Worldwide  09-12-2011

Generali Worldwide Health Plan

In the Cayman Islands, Generali Worldwide provides comprehensive global and regional health benefit plans for local and multinational businesses based in Cayman.

Through our Service Centres in George Town, Grand Cayman and Toronto, Ontario, we provide continuous support for the market, including new business quotations and ongoing service for clients (benefits verification, claims queries, coordination for emergency evacuations and ongoing medical case management).


For further information on our standard Health Plan, please download the main product brochure and/or SAMPLE Benefits Grid.

The SAMPLE Benefits Grid is not a guarantee of cover.
Please note that your employer may have purchased a benefit plan different to the sample – please contact your local representative for details on YOUR specific plan.

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Overview - Generali Worldwide - international

Structuring retirement and savings plans to address the specific needs and challenges that this group of employee’s face is a substantial task. A vital element of our offering is flexibility, enabling organisations to devise a solution that addresses the specific demands that they face. Recent times have seen a significant increase in the number of internationally mobile employees. Such issues include vesting, plan location and fund options.


Overview - Generali Worldwide - channel islands

Generali Worldwide recognises that it is becoming more and more important for employers operating in the Channel Islands to provide flexible company pension plans to give them the edge in the competitive employment markets of Guernsey and Jersey. These investment options have been tried and tested over a number of years and provide organisations and their employee’s with access to some of the world’s leading Fund Managers.


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With greater mobility, increased life expectancy and the drawing back of state benefits, it has become more important for companies to provide savings and retirement benefit plans that can give them the edge in an increasingly competitive employment market.