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By: General Shale Brick  09-12-2011
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Now you can add the warmth and texture of real brick to your designs without the need for additional structural support. Our thin veneer brick is real kiln-fired brick cut thin for easy installation and design flexibility. From kitchens to fireplaces and wine cellars to chimneys, foundations and outdoor living areas, you can add excitement to every design with our thin brick.


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[Posted on July 27, 2011]

Do-it-yourself Thin Brick Renovations

Whether you are looking to renovate the inside or outside of your home, the first thing that you may think of is cost. Considering the costs of contractor labor, materials, removal of old materials, and other associated renovation expenses can be daunting. This is one compelling reason to opt for a do-it-yourself indoor or outdoor renovation using an adaptable masonry material like thin brick. With self-sufficiency, ease, and affordability as the driving factors of your renovation, then the question becomes: what can I realistically do on my own? Believe it or not, it’s surprisingly easy to change the look of many places in your home with thin brick.

In the living room, dining room, kitchen, or den, you can apply thin brick to a full wall for a more urban, exposed brick look. With the wide range of colors—white, gray, red, cream, and combinations of those colors—that thin brick comes it, you will be able to effortlessly match your furniture and décor. You could also place thin brick around a fireplace to create a more traditional look. Thin brick splash backs are also popular kitchen renovations. You can also line doorways with thin brick or cover entire kitchen island with it for a distinct look.

Outdoors, thin brick is equally useful. Try it as part of garden walls, patios, and as a cover for exposed outdoor surfaces. You could also use it to cover the entire façade of your home (although it is recommended to call a contractor for help with this job, just because it is such a large project).

Wherever you decide to use it, the process for installing thin brick is relatively straightforward. First you need to gather materials. Buy enough thin brick for your entire project. Be sure also to keep the bricks clean, so store them in a clean, dry place until you are ready to use them. You also will need mortar, tools for applying the mortar, and a material (like cement) to help affix the brick to the wall behind it. Clean the surface you will be applying the thin brick to. Then, once the wall surface is dry and clean, you are ready for the brick. Apply the affixing agent to the back of each brick. Place on wall in pattern you desire. Then, once all the bricks are on the wall, and dried into place, fill in the gaps between them with grout. Be sure to wipe the excess grout from between the individual bricks. Check also that the grout is evenly applied; if it is uneven, smooth out and fill in places that need more grout. From there, in a matter of hours, you should have a finished wall, doorframe, splashback, or outdoor surface.

Do-it-yourself thin brick projects are easy, affordable, and will really change the look of your living space. Before starting, however, be sure to thoroughly research your options and materials. Head on down to your local masonry materials store for more information!

[Posted on June 1, 2010]

Beauty, Elegance, and Surprising Design Potential: Thin Brick Accents and Renovations

Thin brick is a wonderful choice for indoor accents and renovations. Easy to install, eye-catching and durable, it is the perfect way to jazz up a room or just change things around a bit. It can be easily affixed to walls, countertops, floors, ceilings, chimneys, and fireplaces. What is perhaps best about thin brick, however, is the sheer variety it comes in and its versatility as a design material.

If you are hoping to cover a living room wall in thin brick, for example, but you have decorated the rest of the room in neutral colors, there is no need to despair. Thin brick comes in more shades than just red. Grays, whites, and a mix of white-black-and gray bricks are just some of the options that will compliment lighter colored rooms. On the other hand, in a different room, an office or kitchen perhaps, where dark reds, greens, blacks, and browns might dominate, shades of red thin brick can make powerful accents. In a bathroom done in blues, greens, or similar colors, choose a brick style like Mountain Stone (which is textured to look like limestone) to add an organic feel to the room.

Whatever color and style you choose, there are many places where thin brick can be affixed. Whether you cover one or more walls, a counter, part of a corner or outcropping, or just the splash back behind the stove with brick, you are certain to be pleased with the results. Likewise, a thin brick accent on a kitchen, bathroom, or office floor offers a nice way to lend class and style to any room. You can also use brick as wainscoting or as a border between walls and ceilings. Thin brick also can make a unique ceiling. Yes, yes, brick covering an entire ceiling is unorthodox—but it is also incredibly lovely and fun to look at! You can make spirals, circles, arches, squares or other designs on the ceiling. Of course, you can still have typical ceiling features like lights and fans, as thin brick is easily split and fixture covers can be installed over it. A brick covered ceiling will immediately draw attention upward, thus offering a conversation piece for many a dinner party!

With many design options available, the only question that remains is where can you add some thin brick to your home? Take a look at design galleries for ideas and then head on down to your local masonry materials store to start shopping for your next beautiful room!


The pictures on this website are intended to represent general color ranges and surface textures of our products. Precise color match to actual product cannot be assured due to variations in monitors/viewing screens, room lighting, and other factors beyond the control of General Shale.

Keywords: Kitchens, Renovations, Thin Brick

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