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By: Gemvision  09-12-2011

Fully Interactive Jewelry Buying Experience
Engage your customers with print catalogs and prototype samples. Then interact with them in real-time customizing designs in the software, viewing quick estimates, and rendering stunning photo-realistic images of the jewelry.
Easy Customization
Using Slider Controls, customize details of any design including finger size, gem size, shank profile and width, side stones, even metal and gem type can be quickly refined to exactly what your customer wants.

The Latest Popular Styles
The Starting Point Inventory is continuously updated to reflect the most popular and current styling. Over 2000 ring styles are available and the expanded virtual inventory of CounterSketch Studio includes pendants and men's rings. Matching Wedding Bands
Many of the bridal rings include optional matching wedding bands. When the engagement ring is customized, the matching wedding band automatically adjusts to the changes. Add bead or channel set stones and even milgrain to the matching band with just a click of the mouse.
Inventory ModeNew in Version 2.5
Take control of your digital inventory with custom collections and designs exclusive to your store. Inventory Mode allows you to..
  • Create custom collections. Build and manage multiple collections designed by any CounterSketch users in your store with each design customized and saved to your specifications.
  • Order custom-designed prototypes. Create and order beautifully-crafted prototypes that look like the real deal. The corresponding design is saved in your Custom Collection so the prototype your client holds in their hand matches exactly what’s on screen. Utilize the Customizable Bridal Collection and interactive displays from Stuller or create
    your own custom prototype display.
  • Optimize your search results. Publish your custom designs to your searchable library rendered in any metal color and gemstone combination. Then when you search within CounterSketch you can focus your search results on your custom collections displayed just the way you want.

Create Your Own Print Catalogs
Seamlessly integrate CounterSketch Studio into the way you already do business by creating and managing your own custom printed catalogs. Choose from several different looks and layout options and personalize them with photos of your store and text describing your store history.

Prototype Selling System
The unique jewelry buying experience of CounterSketch Studio is enhanced by the use of beautiful prototype samples that are rhodium-plated alloy set with cubic zirconia. These prototype rings will kindle your customers’ imaginations, by giving them a solid starting point for customization that they can touch and try on. Each CounterSketch Studio license comes with a free prototype Selling System of seven styles from the CounterSketch Studio library. And you can design and order custom prototypes from Stuller all from within the software’s new Inventory Mode. Stuller also offers the Customizable Bridal Collection through CounterSketch Studio. These bridal assortment packages of up to 66 pieces are fully customizable in CounterSketch Studio and allow you to choose the right mix of preselected prototypes, custom prototypes, and live inventory to support your custom bridal sales.
MJSA Thinking Ahead Award Winner
The Manufacturing Jewelers and Supplies of America have recognized the revolutionary new business model of CounterSketch Studio with an MJSA Thinking Ahead Award. »Stuller manufactures your CounterSketch Studio files in days
CounterSketch Studio is a new way of doing business that takes the difficulty and cost out of manufacturing by relying on Stuller so you can focus on design and an enhanced customer experience in your store. Stuller's state of the art equipment, and team of CAM experts, gemstone specialists, and master bench jewelers all come standard in this complete out of the box custom design solution. The software creates a 3D computer file of your design that is sent directly to Stuller for any amount of finishing you desire from a raw casting, semi-finish, polished, or fully set piece with Stuller stones or yours. Stuller will complete your job typically in 8-10 days, upon approval, for standard jobs. Extra modifications and setting of customer stones may extend job time.

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