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By: Geekz  09-12-2011
Keywords: Hardware, Emergency Service, Data Backups

Small Business

  • on-site, phone, and remote support

  • scheduled to meet your needs

  • same day & night/weekend service available

  • assessments of hardware, software (including license compliance), security, and disaster preparedness

  • service & maintenance plans available



  • in-home service, or we'll pick up and drop off

  • remote support

  • evening and weekend appointments available

  • multimedia expertise

  • home networks

  • new PC/peripherals setup


All standard service visits are billable in 15 minute increments, minimum 1 hour, unless otherwise noted. Off hours and emergency service is available. Higher rates and minimum charges may apply.

Our pick-up/drop-service allows us to work on your computer at our facility. It may take longer to fix and return, but it is usually cheaper. We have all the tools and resources we need at our facility (avoiding a possible 2nd on-site visit), and since we can multi-task, we won't bill for the elapsed time it takes, but just the time we were actively working on it. If we are doing it on-site, we will charge for the actual time on site. A nominal travel charge may apply for this service.

Is your PC acting flaky or making strange noises? Do you go get a cup of coffee while waiting for it to boot up or shut down? Are you running out of disk space? Are you tired of popups? We can help you with:

  • new PC setup, including transferring data and settings from old PC, hooking up to network, printers, file shares

  • hardware diagnostics and repair

  • hardware upgrades, such as adding memory, adding a DVD burner, upgrading a video card, adding wireless support

  • support for Windows (95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista), Linux

  • spyware/virus removal, with free anti-virus program (for residential customers only)

  • "slow PC" diagnosis and cleanup, with upgrade recommendations

  • data backups (and we'll show you how to do it)

  • PC "wipe clean" - data removal and reinstallation to "out of box" state

Are you running old versions of software? Are you wondering how you could be more productive and use your computer to help? Do you want to have separate user logins for different people and set up security? Maybe you just aren't sure how to use the software you have. We can help you with:

  • installation, upgrades, support, templates and customizations for Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access, Visio, OneNote, Publisher)

  • installation, upgrades, and end-user support for Quickbooks & Customer Manager

  • user profiles and security

  • SharePoint intranet, document management system

  • tailored how-to cheat sheets, user training

  • phone support

Have you added another PC or laptop and now want to share your internet connection? Do you need to have remote access to your office so you can work from home productively? Are you worried that your neighbor is piggybacking on your wireless access? We can help you:

  • set up home or small office network

  • install and configure routers, firewalls

  • set up wired or wireless networks including security encryption

  • enable file and printer sharing

  • set up for static or dynamic IPs

  • configure ports for remote access, VPN, pcAnywhere

Do you have someone maintaining your server? Are you thinking about getting a server? Do you want to make sure it is secure? Are you sure it is being backed up? We can help you:

  • support Windows SBS, Windows Server (Standard), Exchange Server, Terminal Server

  • create & maintain user accounts, password policies, roaming profiles

  • set up security policies and access restrictions

  • set up data backups, monitoring

  • audit your disaster recovery planning and recommendations

  • install RAID configurations, software mirroring

  • set up remote (RDC, VPN, pcAnywhere)

  • share printers, faxes, modems

  • work towards achieving your paperless office goal

  • register a customized domain name, or transfer to another registrar

  • set up web site hosting and maintain your existing web site

  • register with the major search engines and optimize your pages for ranking

  • set up a dynamic DNS service

  • research and set up online file storage, backup solutions

  • design a new web site to fit your needs and budget

Are you using your Office applications to their fullest potential? Do you have paper forms you'd like to be electronic? Do you need reports to view your data? We can help you:

  • develop Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint templates for a uniform look

  • set up mail merge functions for documents, letters, labels, envelopes

  • integrate your applications to avoid data entry duplication or better work flow

  • develop a custom application to provide additional functionality not available through off-the-shelf software


If we buy something for you..

.. we charge you exactly what we paid for it (including taxes and shipping). We do not mark up the price. We make no money from hardware sales. We offer it as a convenience and courtesy to our established customers. All we ask in return is that you offer the same courtesy and reimburse us in a timely matter.

.. we won't accept it back from you if we can't take it back to where we got it. These are out-of-pocket expenses for us and we don't carry an inventory, so if it is beyond the return policy of the retailer, we cannot accept the return from you. And you must provide us the original packaging and all contents of the box. If you can't walk into the store and return it without a box, we can't either!

.. we do not provide any warranties beyond the manufacturer's original warranties. So if there is a problem, it is no different than if you purchased the product. We can provide you the purchase details and assist you with getting service if it is still under warranty. But it is your responsibility to keep the box and/or paperwork, and we recommend that you register the product when you get it to make the process easier later if it becomes necessary.

.. and it is used, the equipment is sold as-is and the only warranties are those from the manufacturer, if any are valid. We do not have the original purchase information on used equipment. Some manufacturers will be able to look up warranty information based on the product ID and serial number (or service tag).

Used computers will have the OEM operating system (OS) installed that matches the certificate of authenticity sticker on the CPU (e.g., XP Professional) unless you authorize us to purchase an alternate OS license as a separate purchase. The OS will be brought up-to-date with all current service packs and patches. Free or trial versions of anti-virus and office applications may be installed. Any additional software (e.g., Microsoft Office, Norton Anti-Virus, Photoshop) is a separate purchase. If you already have the software and the license hasn't been used or is transferrable, we will be happy to install it on the PC for you. We will not, however, install illegal copies of software. You take full responsibility for pirated software that you put on your PC after it leaves our hands.

Keywords: Data Backups, Emergency Service, Hardware