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By: Gayle Bird  09-12-2011

You guys, I am so lucky. My parents, my future mother-in-law and my friends all love to hunt for beach glass and have been bringing me the most delightful finds. Plus, I managed to get out once or twice my own self! It’s completely re-energizing to stand on that beach, look across into infinity and just breathe in the salt air.

With the exception of most of the marbles, all of this was found within the past month or so. That huge amber-orange piece (whose colour & rarity I’m having trouble identifying) I was lucky enough to find myself, but the two red/orange art glass pieces were found on different days by different people!

And now, some of the final results:

Is this yellow? Or orange? Or honey amber? I can’t tell.


A gorgeous A-grade Gray.

This isn’t quite gray, but it’s sorta getting there, which along with the super rounded state, suggests it’s really old. It’s sort of a flattened cylinder which makes me think it used to be a cup handle.

Gorgeous piece of Aqua. I think I like the antique gold wire on it; do you?

Fabulous yellow!

A smooth piece of Jade.

A kind of blurry photo of a nice piece of Lavender.

Cobalt! So pretty, that cobalt.

Fabulous piece of citron – sooo pretty when you hold it up to the light.

And finally, this amazing piece of art glass that is red which smoothly transitions to orange. It’s got ridges, suggesting it used to be a plate or bowl. It’s kind of small so I had to use smaller gauge wire. It seems like I only get 1 red piece a year, and this is it for this year! The other piece above appears to have come from the exact same piece, and it doesn’t really count because it’s so small I don’t think I’ll be able to use it. But it’s pretty!

In other news, I’ve been thinking of doing a bunch more shows this year. It’s a lot of work and I find them mentally and physically exhausting, but the sales are always good and we’ve got a few wish-projects for around the house, so I think I’ll go for it. Which means I’ve gotta get off the internet and go make some things :)

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Next, I’ll take and show you some photos of a few lower-end pieces I made to bring to the flea market in order to make some cash to get my wisdom teeth out (still recovering, ouch). These are things you’ll never see at my shows or galleries – but trust me, my gallery work is much more elaborate and fun. I found my earring sales went up when I reduced the number on the table/stands. Also, people LOVED the loose agate slices, centre.


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I also found three marbles including a black one and a yellow on e, two real live yellow pieces, a piece of lavendar/pink which is really old, and a whole pile of blue and aqua. I laid everything out first on a new gray fabric I just got for trying this sort of thing, and then on a super-bright white piece of bristol board.


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The beach glass one is all finished, but I think I’ll continue with my original plan and create a template to print out for the gemstones, and glue the actual stones to cardstock – I also really want to write a sentence or so for each, although that may be too ambitious right now.


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In other news, about a month ago I was building flat, round, upholstered display discs and in so doing, I think I over-used the duct tape and strained a tendon in my right index finger. In the midst of unbelievable chaos, I managed to complete a last-minute batch of steampunk flower pendants before the CBCCD show in 4 days. It could also have been the heavy wire-work I was doing for ornaments and neckwires.


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My coal pendants just about sold out – I ended up making about half a dozen more throughout the show, but at least a dozen sold and from what I hear, they’re traveling all over the globe to ex-patriates. Getting to the third floor was literally painless, as they had hired/recruited two guys to help us load the elevator with dollies and our own time slot; and the reverse process was just the same.