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By: Garretson Firm  09-12-2011

The Garretson Resolution Group’s (GRG) National Probate Coordination Services navigate the approval of settlements in probate courts nationwide.  Our expertise in this complex area helps to eliminate hurdles that lead to delays in settlement distributions. 

GRG has helped in thousands of cases in which the claimant cannot legally act on his own behalf, including cases involving minors, deceased beneficiaries or claimants deemed otherwise incompetent.  

We take into account the claimant’s settlement goals while controlling costs and streamlining the probate process.  When short-form administration is available, we focus our efforts on integrating those rules into the probate plan.   

With our nationwide network of local probate counsel, we will assist in obtaining the necessary appointment and documentation to secure the release of settlement funds. 

GRG evaluates and coordinates among the multiple parties, including:
•  Claimant’s counsel;
•  Defense counsel;
•  GRG personnel;
•  Claimant’s personal representative; and
•  Local probate counsel.

In addition to the benefits listed above, our low, flat fee for probate coordination services can be listed as a client-specific expense.

 GRG’s Probate Coordination Services Include:

  • Evaluating each claimant's file to determine the most efficient path to secure documentation
  • Developing a plan specific to the circumstances
  • Coordinating with our extensive national network of local probate counsel
  • Negotiating legal fees with local counsel and obtaining necessary approvals for litigation counsel
  • Facilitating timely disbursement of settlement funds

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