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By: Garden River Truss Co  09-12-2011
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GR Truss Engineered Roof Trusses

Wood roof trusses are commonly used in single and multi-family residential, commercial, institutional and agricultural construction. GR Truss roof truss is an engineered structural product that relies on a triangular arrangement of webs and chords to transfer loads to reaction points. The triangular arrangement of the truss provides high strength-to-weight ratios, which permits longer spans than available with conventional framing.

“NOTE: We have the capability to manufacture 80′ span trusses.”

GR Truss Engineered Floor Trusses/Joist

Open-web floor joists are the most common type of floor truss used in home construction. An open-web floor joist typically consists of a wood top and bottom chord, often made with 2×4 material, and wood web materials connected at the joints with metal plates. Builders prefer open-web trusses because the open space between web members allows for easier routing of utilities. A disadvantage of this type of floor truss is that precision is key. The truss dimensions must be known in advance and must be constructed exactly to the design specifications. As such, the facility will not manufacture standard floor joists but will construct floor joists that meet the specific design requirements of its customers.

GR Truss also carries various engineered wood produces that compliments our own products, such as I-Joist from Anthony-Domtar, LVL and RimBoard products.


Prefabricated wall panels are prefabricated structural components designed for wall applications. GR Truss facilities are planning to manufacture open wall partitions for interior applications and semi-open wall panels for exterior wall applications. Open wall partitions are constructed with a lumber frame that includes top and bottom plates, studs and opening for windows and doors. Semi-open wall panel construction includes a lumber frame including top and bottom plates, studs, OSS sheathing, house-wrap and furring strips, and opening for doors and windows.

Structures are enclosed quicker, reducing weather exposure.

The Wood Truss Council of America in conjunction with the building systems council of the National Association of Home Builders sponsored the “Framing the American Dream” project to better understand wood framing. Two identical home plans were built, one using traditional stick framing, the other using structural components, trusses and wall panels, exclusively.

Man Hours to Frame
Stick Framing: 93 Man Hours
Wall Panel Components: 26 1/2 Man Hours
Wall Panel Savings: 66 1/2 Man Hours

Keywords: Trusses

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