By: Garbage Can Cleaning System  09-12-2011
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The GCCS Inc. is a mobile cleaning system for garbage cans that sanitation workers would utilize to clean and sanitize the interior of cans after the contents had been emptied into a trash collection truck.

Design Features
The GCCS Inc. thoroughly sanitizes the interior of garbage cans immediately after the cans are collected and emptied. The cleaning and sanitizing system would be mounted on a separate flatbed truck with sturdy rotating brushes and high pressure jets simultaneously and effectively cleaning the interior of garbage cans. With this patented design multiple cans from both sides of roadways can easily be cleaned at one time. With the drain tank mounted on the bottom and rotating brushes and jets on top the assemblies can be adjusted to any angle. Additional brushes and tandum axels can be added for large urban areas. Brushes can vary and can be cut to fit any size can including large rollways. The cleaning solution is stored behind the cab of the truck and is vertical to save room for assembly operations. The delivery and disposal of cleaning solutions can easily be obtained by separate septic style pump truck which can effectively supply a number of truck systems.

Advantages and Benefits
The GCCS Inc. is an effective way to combat the infestation and transmission of harmful bacteria. This system could be in reducing the incidence of illness and sickness in communities that implement this sanitation system. The GCCS Inc. would offer sanitation service companies whether municipally or privately owned an innovative and effective system for fighting harmful bacteria by cleaning and sanitizing garbage cans. Protecting our environment is a top priority and a mission we all need to be fighting for.

Target Markets
Municipal and private garbage collection service companies international markets

Distribution channels
Commercial equipment and machinery manufactures agents internet services exporters and representatives

Keywords: Cleaning System, Garbage Cans, Rotating Brushes, Trash Collection, Truck,

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