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By: Garaventa Lift  09-12-2011
Keywords: Home Elevator, Home Elevators, Residential Home Elevators

Our Elvoron

home elevator

design team selected only heavy duty structural components and well-proven drive and control systems to ensure safety, comfort and long-term reliability of our

residential home elevators


The Elvoron

Home Elevators

line represents the state of the art in

home elevators / residential lifts

in terms of design, technology, safety features and interior styling for the residential market. We offer the Elvoron and Elvoron Stella in both standard and highly customized configurations.

Let us show you how a Garaventa Lift Home Elevator can provide the right solution for your home.

So Why Choose a Home Elevator?

In the past elevators in the home were, for the most part, only obtained by the extremely wealthy: they were more of a luxury item than an accessibility need. However, now with advancements in technology, home elevators have become ideal for accessibility, convenience, and adding unique value.

As we get older, arranging our home to suite our needs becomes more difficult. Not only because of the extra work involved, but also because adjusting to the changes that aging brings can feel uncomfortable. Home elevators allow people the ability to comfortably age in place. If an elevator is already in our home, then by the time it becomes a necessity we are already accustomed to it. Familiar surroundings are increasingly important as we enter our tender years, as we can begin to rely on more of our long term memories. Similarly, moving to a home that is more accessible can be inconvenient and disorienting. Including a home elevator in our building plans makes for a much more convenient long term solution.

Having a home elevator also makes moving items safer and more convenient. Instead of carrying a heavy or awkward load up the stairs, an elevator can be used. In turn the chances of injury are lessened, as well as the time it takes.

Building vertically as opposed to expanding a single level home can also be more cost effective. Land values are going up, making a single level expansion more expensive than adding a floor onto a home. However, with expanding vertically we have to take into account our possible accessibility needs in the future. A home elevator is a beneficial solution because it adds uniqueness and value to your home while providing all of the additional benefits of comfort, ease and convenience.

A home elevator can be used in many different applications. It can be specified when building a new home or when renovating and is highly customizable. Ideal applications for the use of home elevators include single and multiple townhouse projects, detached single family homes, two story penthouse suites, and rooftop decks. There are many reasons to invest time and money into incorporating a home elevator into a building. It could be a solution for future needs, or a beautiful accent to a home.

The bottom line is that, regardless of the nature of the application, home elevators will add lasting value and accessibility to any home.

Keywords: Home Elevator, Home Elevators, Residential Home Elevators

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