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By: Gamasutra  09-12-2011
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  by Chris Morris [11.18.11]
Gamasutra speaks to the vice president of Rockstar about the developer's creative approach -- including why it doesn't do frequent sequels, how it thought about the story of the upcoming Max Payne 3, and the GTA creative bible.
by Rafael Vázquez [11.17.11]
Having trouble figuring out how difficult your game really is? Xibalba Studios lead game designer Rafael Vázquez devises a method for plotting difficulty -- and uses three popular sidescrolling action games to test the theory, in the process explaining how difficulty meshes their overall design.
by Tony Ventrice [11.16.11]
In his first article, Badgeville's Tony Ventrice identified seven ways in which games create fun as a map toward gamification -- and in this follow-up article, Ventrice delves into the first two of his seven identified dynamics of game design.
by Brandon Sheffield [11.15.11]
The tough choices and technical hurdles involved in creating Halo Anniversary, a re-release of the 10-year old Xbox classic, as explained to Gamasutra by Frank O'Connor, the series franchise development director at 343 Industries.
by Christian Nutt [11.11.11]
In this extensive interview, conducted at this year's GDC Europe, Belgium-based art game duo Tale of Tales discusses how they first got into making games and the extreme frustration that they feel with the state of the medium.

by Staff [11.18.11]
In , the Rockstar VP and GTA producer explains one reason the company is slow to sequel -- and why we're seeing Max Payne 3 rather than Bully 2 in 2012.

by Tom Curtis [11.18.11]
EA Sports lead Andrew Wilson speaks out on the importance of persistent social connectivity, detailing how this functionality will affect everything from FIFA, to Madden and beyond.
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by Nick Darnell [11.18.11]
In this reprinted  piece, Activate3D's Nick Darnell discusses how Kinect developers can use anthropometry to make UI interaction with the device work for most users.

An idea for a video game I would like to design. I think the game lends itself well to crowd sourcing for inspiration and some aspects of design.

In this article I consider how an independently produced RPG Maker game, Wither, creates a strong space for existential and emotional questions. This is a republication of an article I wrote at The Artful Gamer.

This blog post is about the term "Gesamtkunstwerk", what it means for us as game developers and what some of the things are that we should consider if we want to create a perfect piece of art.

Making your characters’ exits and entrances more memorable improves your game’s value.
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The Left 4 Dead series raised the bar for small group co-op design and was able to scratch an itch that most multiplayer games ignored. While Payday lacks polish, it does managed to separate itself from L4d with some unique design.

  Ignite Game Technologies — San Francisco, CA, USA
Ubisoft Shanghai Studio — Shanghai, Ch, CHN
NetherRealm Studios — Chicago, IL, USA

NetherRealm Studios, a division of WB Games Inc. is seeking a Senior Designer who will be responsible for designing and implementing the moment to moment game experience, with a strong focus on combat.
Digital Extremes — London, ON, CAN

Located in the heart of South-Western Ontario, Digital Extremes is dedicated to making AAA quality games, with the best and brightest talent available. Digital Extremes prides itself on providing a warm, inviting, creative work environment for its team and has been named as one of 'Canada's Top 100 Employers'. Competitive salaries, profit sharing, stock options, retirement matching, ample vacation and free daily homemade lunches are just a few of the many perks our employees enjoy.
Psyonix — San Diego, CA, USA
Sony Computer Entertainment America - Santa Monica — Santa Monica, CA, USA

Join the God of War team! Be a part of the most exciting and innovating computer entertainment in North America. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) markets the PlayStation® family of products and develops, publishes, markets, and distributes software for the PS one™ console, the PlayStation®2 and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment systems and the PlayStation Portable (PSP™).
Capcom Game Studio Vancouver, Inc — Burnaby, BC, CAN

Capcom Game Studio Vancouver is the newest member of the Capcom family and is a multi-project and multi-platform developer located in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Formerly known as Blue Castle Games, our studio has developed 6 games in 6 years since it opened its doors in 2005. We have 2 new AAA titles currently in development. Contact us now to see what all the excitement is about!
24 Seven Inc. — North Hollywood, CA, USA
Capcom Game Studio Vancouver, Inc — Burnaby, BC, CAN

Capcom Vancouver is growing! We have two unannounced projects in play. There is lots of work to be done! We need the help of smart, passionate and dedicated people to help us make our amazing action games!
Relic Entertainment — Vancouver, BC, CAN

About Relic Entertainment
Relic Entertainment is a leading worldwide developer of video game entertainment and a subsidiary of THQ publishing. Founded in 1997 Relic has behind some of most innovative and well respect video game titles of the last 10 years. Pioneering the Dawn of War, Homeworld and the Company of Heroes series of title and is currently developing the highly anticipated Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine title.

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