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  by Isaiah Taylor [09.28.11]
One gamer's journey from a young fan to finding out how the popular space flight series from the original PlayStation took shape -- featuring new interviews with several of the original developers.
by Brandon Sheffield [09.21.11]
It took four years for Everyday Shooter developer Jon Mak to get his next game, Sound Shapes up and running -- but it's shaping up to be one of the PlayStation Vita's most anticipated titles, and he discusses it inside.
by Rob Bridgett [07.13.11]
In this feature, experienced audio director Rob Bridgett (Prototype) explains how the expanded possibilities brought by modern technology have lead sound directors to have to make careful collaborative choices to support a game's vision.
by Ara Shirinian [07.08.11]
In this article, designer Ara Shirinian (The Red Star, uDraw) takes a look at two years' worth of magazine postmortems to mine them for common data points -- examining both what went right and what went wrong how often, and why.
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by Brandon Sheffield [06.13.11]
In this interview, famed composer and producer Akira Yamaoka discusses what his Silent Hill legacy means to him, what he's been up to since he joined Grasshopper Manufacture, and his vision for what the developer must become.

by Ariel Gross [11.17.11]
In this reprinted -opinion piece, Volition's senior audio designer Ariel Gross explains why developers shouldn't be afraid to explain exactly what they want to their audio team.

by Christian Nutt [11.11.11]
Frustrated by the uneven weight of technology and visuals versus storytelling and audio, The Path developer Tale of Tales in a new feature interview that things should change.
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by Eric Caoili [11.11.11]
In the latest postings over the last seven days, Gamasutra's plays host to roles in every major discipline, including opportunities at 343 Industries, Ubisoft, Tencent America, and others.
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Designing the Boot Sound for the Original Xbox required going 'old-school' and the use of sequenced, real-time generated sound. This blog post describes some of the challenges of creating the sound and the design process itself.

Any developer can tell you that one of the absolute most important elements of game development is communication..
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Dom Capuano - Assassin's Creed Revelations (Theme Proposal - King Assault)

If you haven’t heard of Ill-Esha you need to go straight to iTunes and buy her album Elusive History, described by Ethan Baer ’Packed to the brim with haunting and elusive vocals, and lyrics evocative of Elysha’s powerful and inspirational history.’

Realism in games. It's where we're headed. Get used to it.
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  Toys for Bob / Activision — Novato, CA, USA

We’re owned by Activision. We’ve been together for 20 years, made a bunch of games, many of which are actually fun. Our office and work style are pretty damn awesome. We advocate the relocation of polar bear tribes to Antarctica. We have the best design tools around.
NetherRealm Studios — Chicago, IL, USA

NetherRealm Studios, a division of WB Games Inc. seeks a Senior Sound Designer, to help make our video games come alive with rich, detailed, original sound content. We are looking for someone to help us push the limits of game audio through work on Mortal Kombat and other titles.
Tencent Boston — Concord, MA, USA

Tencent Boston is a premier game development studio led by industry veterans that are driving the creation of world class online games for a global audience. We are a division of Tencent Inc., one of the largest internet companies in China. For nearly 500 million people Tencent is the internet offering portal, shopping, community and entertainment services.
Sucker Punch Productions — Bellevue, WA, USA

We are looking for a dynamic, Lead Sound Designer who can direct and implement audio for every action and movement in the game, scripted events and the HUD/UI You will also work alongside the team who does the sound design for the cinematics, the team doing in-game music, and work with both of them on the final game mix. Games production experience is essential.
Ubisoft — San Francisco, CA, USA
ZeniMax Online Studios — Hunt Va, MD, USA

ZeniMax Online studios is looking for a sound designer and voice over editor with 2 to 3 yrs.exp. creating audio for AAA video games.

Keywords: Games, Space Flight

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