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By: Gam Yachad  09-12-2011

Gam Yachad specializes in two areas of shidduchim:

  1. Shidduchim for Bochurim and Young LadiesMany bochurim, as well as young ladies, have worked very hard to adopt a chassidishe life.  Their parents are unfamiliar with the chasidishe way of life and have difficulty in recognizing the unique needs of their children; especially when dealing with shidduchim.Until Gam Yachad was created, there was not an organization that provided shidduchim or support for them. Many people felt alone and at a disadvantage because they became chassidish. Finding an appropriate shidduch seemed to be nearly impossible.Gam Yachad embraced this challenge and is currently creating an international network of young ladies and men who chose a life b’derech hachassidus.
  2. Shidduchim for Our ChildrenOne of life’s greatest challenges is to make shidduchim for one's children. The task can be overwhelming to say the very least. Families that adopted a chassidishe life are in a unique position. All of their children were raised in heimishe homes. They went to the Mesivta or Girls School, speak Yiddish fluently, and are no different than their friends. Yet, in some cases, parents are not being suggested shidduchim of the same quality as their children’s peers.Gam Yachad is compiling a network of families from similar backgrounds that would likely want to be משדך with one another. All the aspects of the families and their children such as personality, interests, and hashkafos are taken into account.We are not only looking for families that are currently involved in shidduchim, but for families with younger children as well. Our hope is that by including younger families, we will be able to proactively propose shidduchim when these young children eventually become of age.

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