Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Financial Services

By: Galeforce Solutions  09-12-2011
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GaleForce offers a suite of productivity products including CRM designed to meet the unique needs of financial services professionals. GaleForce delivers client management, communication and discovery tools that provide a competitive edge to businesses in the financial services industry.

GaleForce CRM is GaleForce's core offering. This advanced CRM system provides wealth management advisors, bankers and other financial services professionals with a range of industry-specific client management, productivity, compliance and security tools.

Two additional GaleForce CRM modules - Discovery and Links - provide advanced relationship, communication and workflow functionality. These modules allow users to adopt the specific features they need.

To ensure maximum user adoption and return on investment, GaleForce's powerful functionality can be quickly and easily accessed in native Microsoft Outlook. GaleForce is easy to deploy, either on-premise or online via the "Software-as-a-Service" (SaaS) model.

GaleForce Leverages The Power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

GaleForce's product suite is built on Dynamics CRM, the industry-leading CRM platform from Microsoft. By enhancing the Dynamics technology, GaleForce is able to offer financial services organizations industry-specific CRM products that are:

  • User-friendly - Featuring an intuitive user interface, designed to work the way people work, plus the ability to access enhanced CRM functionality directly from Outlook – an application staff throughout financial services organizations use constantly, every day
  • Easily accessible - Providing quick and easy access to complete, up-to-date client information, any time, any where - not just from the user's own office PC but also from a variety of mobile devices and platforms
  • Fully customizable - Making it simple, through an open API and Web services, for any financial services organization to deploy an industry-specific CRM system customized and configured to its own unique requirements
  • Easy to integrate - Empowering companies to maximize the value of their investments in products like SharePoint, Office and Exchange by providing enhanced CRM functionality that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft solutions
  • Easy to deploy - Offering financial services organizations the ability to quickly and efficiently deploy a flexible range of advanced CRM products, either as on-premise installations or Web-based SaaS applications

GaleForce CRM Product Suite

GaleForce CRM: Core Financial Services CRM

  1. Management - Making it easy for staff at all levels of any financial service company to access and leverage the client information they need in order to provide the highest possible level of client service
  2. Productivity - Providing tools that empower financial services professionals to efficiently schedule their day-to-day activities, automate common tasks and use their time more efficiently and effectively
  3. Security & Compliance - Supplying the enhanced security and auditing functionality needed to ensure and demonstrate compliance with all the regulatory requirements facing financial services organizations today

GaleForce Discovery: Advanced Client Management & Prospecting
Discovery empowers wealth management advisors to tap into detailed real-time information on clients' needs, preferences and social networks, in order to provide better service to existing clients and more effectively prospect for new clients

GaleForce Links: Data & Third-party Services Integration
Links provides functionality for connecting a variety of internal and external systems (including portfolio management, trading, planning, databases and more) to the CRM, helping users access a complete 360-degree view of each client's financial situation

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