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This acclaimed series answers the question "How do they make that?" Geared toward a general audience, How Products Are Made explains in easy-to-understand language the manufacturing process of a wide variety of items, from everyday household products to heavy machinery to sophisticated electronic equipment. It provides a step-by-step description of the manufacturing and assembly process (complete with illustrations) as well as background and related information: who invented the product, how it works, raw materials used, quality control procedures, applications, by-products generated, possible future developments, etc. Vintage product photographs and sidebars relating historical trivia are provided, and a multi-level cumulative index is available for ready reference.

The first volume was published in 1994 and featured such diverse products as air bag, aspirin, automobile, bar code scanner, candle, chewing gum, compact disc, laser guided missile, lipstick, optical fiber, peanut butter, rayon, satellite dish, trumpet, washing machine, and zirconium, among many others. This has led to six other volumes containing over 600 entries such as accordion, , ambulance, , , , , DVD player, fake fur, golf cart, hockey puck, , , lollipop, , , r, , Thomson machine gun, TV dinner, , , and .

How Products are Made has garnered positive reviews from readers and critics alike. A reviewer from American Reference Books Annual wrote, "Whether a junior high school student, an undergraduate, or a layperson, one will find informative and easy-to-read essays. This work is recommended for most reference collections." Another reviewer at Booklist wrote, "This useful volume belongs on the shelves of secondary school, public, and academic libraries."

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A phone interview with a representative from your company would help to make your product's article as accurate as possible. Please send information about your product, particularly press kits or fact books. Specific brochures on how the product is manufactured will be invaluable to us.


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Angioplasty balloons are made by extruding material into a tube shape, and then forming the tube into a balloon through a process known as blow molding. Angioplasty is performed under local anaesthetic, and the patient is kept awake so the doctor can ask if he or she feels any pain during the procedure. With extensive use in the United States since 1980, it can relieve angina and prevent heart attacks in people with coronary artery disease.


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Each essay is 2,000 words and focuses on one consumer product, providing in-depth information about the product's history, development, and continued use. Each volume of the series also contains a multi-level, cumulative index and 15 historical and biographical sidebars with accompanying photos. Within each entry is an in-depth discussion of the background, history, design, and manufacturing process of the specific consumer product.


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Langer came up with the idea of constructing a biodegradable scaffolding on which skin cells could be grown using fibroblasts, cells extracted from donated neonatal foreskins removed during circumcision. While skin grafted from one part of a patient's body to another is immune to rejection, skin grafts from a donor to a recipient are rejected more aggressively than any other tissue graft or transplant.


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These bubbles are caused by tiny drops of liquid disturbed by the escaping carbon dioxide or carbonic acid gas that is a natural by-product of the double fermentation process unique to champagne. By the time Perignon took over the Abbey cellars in 1668, he was studying ways to perfect the harvesting of the Pinot Noir grape in order to produce a high-quality white wine.