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By: Furry Friends  09-12-2011
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Monday to Friday

8:00 am to 4:00 pm

-Additional charges apply outside regular hours

(we are licensed for North Vancouver and West Vancouver, bonded and insured)

About our walks: We at Furry Friends & More firmly believe that the safety of our dogs comes first this is why all of our staff have Pet First Aid and Jennifer now teaches Pet First Aid, see below for next available course. We also guarantee that we will not walk more than four dogs per walker on our group walks. This not only gives your dogs more time with us but also lets us monitor their behavior, pick up after them and make sure that everyone enjoys the parks where we go. We like to think of ourselves as “hands on” dog walkers, we like to play and interact with all of the dogs, satisfying their emotional, physical and mental needs. We also make sure that all dogs stay current with their park manners and trail etiquette. We do not allow dogs to bark excessively in any park nor do we allow unwanted behaviors such as digging. Any aggressive behavior is discouraged.


 -personalized walks to suit your needs

-maximum 4 dogs per walker

-walks include quick clean up/towel dry (any extra cleaning has a fee)

-no aggressive dogs

-walks available in North and West Vancouver


-half hour private walks with only your dogs

-up to 2 dogs in West Van and 3 dogs in North Van

-these private walks are usually done on-leash in your neighbourhood

-dogs with issues are welcome

-walks available in North and West Vancouver


Two Hour Ultimate Workout Wilderness Adventures

-meeting the physical, emotional and mental needs of your dog

-we hike on any one of the myriad of trails on the North Shore

-available September through June

-maximum 6 dogs per 2 walkers

-no aggressive dogs (yeah to hyper dogs!)

-pick up in North and West Vancouver



-space is very limited

-full days (more than 6 hours)

-half days (less than 6 hours)

-extended – more than 12 hours


Personalized home visits to suit your puppy’s needs. We offer scheduled visits in order to maintain proper house training. We can also assist you in your puppy’s socialization process. Our daily visits and can be changed according to your puppies needs and schedule. For example, if we find that an 11.30 break is too late and puppy had already done his business, then we can schedule an earlier time. We can book any length of time that you want us to stay, from 30 minutes to 3 hours (or more).


-as many visits per day as you require (usually from one to three)

-cats, dogs or other furry or furless friends

-we will give your home the lived in look while you are away, taking care of any newspapers, mail, garbage, change lights around and come at different times throughout the day

-we will water indoor plants, and in the summer months we will water your gardens and grass (extra charges may apply)

-we will scoop litter boxes, feed any animals, change water daily and exercise dogs

-we also provide all the cuddles, kisses and licks are furry friends want!!!

IN-HOME PET SITTING (only for current dog walking clients)

 -an in-home service we offer EXCLUSIVLY to our regular dog walking clients

-space is very limited so please call early to book a house sitter

-a one hour walk is provide for homes with dogs, if your dog needs more you can book extra time at an additional fee

-we give your home the “lived-in” look

-we will make sure the garbage gets out, change the bed, check mail and papers daily, we tidy up before we leave and if you prefer we can also arrange maid service for you.

-a 50% deposit is required at time of booking. (Please see cancellation policy below)


 -available one way or two ways

-to/from the groomers, veterinarians, day care etc.


Oakland Educational Services Pet First Aid is an intensive day and a half certification course. Course contents include: prevention of illness and injury, restraint and transportation, bleeding and wounds, shock, bone and joint injuries, eye and ear injuries, poisoning, medical conditions, injuries from heat and cold, administering medication, airway obstruction, artificial respiration, and CPR. The course is design so that you can work on live animals during the second day of the class. Jennifer is a certified Pet First Aid instructor with Oakland Educational Services.

CLASSES: Information on next class is coming soon!

Book early to avoid disappointment!


  Cancellation Notice:

 Dog Walking/Drop Ins: A minimum of 12 hours notice is required.

If we come to your home and dog not available full charges apply

House Sitting: A minimum of 7 days is required or a 25% deposit will be nonrefundable.

At Christmas and Spring Break 2 weeks notice is required.

District Bylaws

In 2006 both the District of North Van and District of West Van adopted new bylaws and with them heavy fines/fees for commercial dog walkers. As a result of the new fees we will be charging an annual dog permit fee of $25.00 to each dog. We did this rather than putting up the prices to cover the fees.

One major fine for dog walkers is dogs not having leashes or collars. If we come to your home and your dog does not have a collar available with it’s current license we will not walk your dog and full charges will apply, the fine is $50.00 for no leash and $50.00 for no collar and $150.00 for no license.

Both Districts also set a 6 dog maximum allowable limit for commercial dog walkers to walk dogs Monday thru Friday. However, there is a 3 dog limit on the weekends. The fines are very stiff if this limited is exceeded.

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