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By: Full Circle Parenting  09-12-2011
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The Child Who Thrives: Moving from Surviving to Thriving in Parenting

Class Code: THR
What would it feel like to really know, in your heart, that you are meeting your child's deepest needs to prepare them for a joyful life - success in every area? How do everyone's needs fit together so that your needs are met, too? And is it possible, amongst the dishes and the dirty floors, the driving and the "that's MY shirt/chair/book/truck", to deeply connect with these little and growing oh-so-fast people in such a way that the connection will remain strong throughout your lives? Lisa Kathleen will share principles of parenthood to take a load off your heart, moving you into your center so that you can be your best with your children, and love parenting even more than you do now!

Dependence, Independence, Interdependence: How to Let Go While Holding On

Class Code: DEP

This class will describe the characteristics of each stage of development and how it relates to the dependence continuum. We will discuss separation anxiety, your toddler’s assertion of independence, the elementary child’s growth, and helping your tweens and teens step out into the wide world. We will also discuss the grieving and celebrating processes of mamas and papas facilitating this growth.

Preemptive Discipline: Developing Internal Discipline Through Infancy, Toddlerhood, and the Elementary Years 

Class Code: DIS

This class will provide solid developmental keys, and specific strategies that will allow parents to move from external to internal discipline with their child. We will talk about specific strategies to use when difficulties arise, but focus on the big picture – meeting developmental needs and preventing discipline issues through deeper understanding of your child’s changing needs.

"I found your talk very helpful and poignant and will be recommending you whenever I get the chance."   A.W.

The Spirited Child

Class Code: SPR

This class will discuss strategies that work with your wonderful, strong-willed, assertive, energetic, sensitive, or otherwise spirited child. We will discuss ways to keep your child engaged in positive activity and strategies for responding to your child’s emotions. Our focus will be on long-term solutions that build self-esteem and emotional intelligence.

Sleep and Your Child: What’s Normal, What’s Healthy, What Works?

Class Code: SLP

"Is he sleeping through the night?" How many times have new parents heard this question? Almost before you’ve introduced yourself to someone new, the question arises. Every child is so different, and no parent wants to leave their child to cry, but what else is there? What really works to help the whole family sleep better and enjoy those precious first months and years? And how can we help an older child who just doesn’t seem to sleep enough? Most of all, is there a good answer to the dreaded question?

This class will provide the new (or seasoned, but still sleepless) parent, with good answers to these hard questions. We will provide a solid background to understanding children and sleep, and then explore your baby’s sleep habits and come up with ideas to deal with specific situations.

"The information and enthusiasm was awesome.  I very much appreciate your time and knowledge."  T.B.

The Engaged Baby: Inviting the Soul to Shine

Class Code: BAB

This class will cover the very early months, through learning to walk, and will provide essential philosophical, psychological and physical tools for supporting the child in this crucial time. We will discuss the child’s physical environment and the toys or objects in that environment, and talk about recognizing and meeting new developmental needs as they arise. Long-term thinking in these early months leads to happier children and easier and more rewarding parenting later!

The 1-3 Year Old: Foundations of a Peaceful Soul

Class Code: 1-3

This class will give parents tools to set the mental, emotional, and physical stage for this essential time. It will cover supporting the child’s learning in these active years, and choosing toys and activities to fascinate the growing child. As your little one establishes basic skills in communication, fine and gross motor development, and emotional management, your parenting is a critical piece of their process.

The 3-6 Year Old: Feeding Heart and Mind

Class Code: 3-6

This class will discuss the needs and characteristics of the 3-6 year old, and how to prepare the surrounding environment to nurture the child as he or she grows and explores the world. We will discuss how to choose and prepare activities in and out of the home in order to best support your child’s physical, social and emotional development.

The 6-12 Year Old: Sowing the Seeds of Culture; Offering the Universe to Your Child

Class Code: 612

This class will discuss the changing mental, emotional, and social needs of the 6-12 year old, and how to support the child as they look outward and begin to explore their own personality, morality, and their place in the wide, wide world.

The Teen Years: Beyond Hormones and Headaches

Class Code: TEE

This class will explore common myths about the teenage years in our society, and how to maintain and deepen your connection to your young man or woman during these years. We will discuss changes that happen on many levels, and talk about finding a new place to meet the teen and their rapidly changing needs. Those with "tweens" in their household will also benefit from this class.

Keywords: parenting

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Are you looking ahead to the next phase in your child's growth, and wanting to understand more about what to expect and how to prepare the physical, mental, emotional, or social environment that your child will thrive in. I have known Lisa Kathleen for a number of years and have always found hers to be a very soothing presence in my own sometimes turbulent life as a mother.