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Funeral Planning « FSN Funeral Homes

Today, many families are not aware of their role in the funeral planning process. Once you have an idea of what you would like to take place at the service you are planning, you should sit down with a funeral director to go over the logistics.

Something you should know:

You are the one who determines the cost of the funeral services that will be held for you or your family members. The details of the services are guided and determined by your needs, and budget. But, not all funeral homes are created equal, they come in different sizes, styles and have different specialties. It is a wise idea to ‘shop’ around before deciding which funeral home to work with. Below is a checklist that will aid you in covering all the cost aspects associated with planning a funeral.

Funeral Home Comparison Checklist

Make copies of this checklist to compare the prices of services offered at funeral homes in your area.

Name of Funeral Home____________________________________________

Name of Crematory_______________________________________________

Name of Cemetery________________________________________________

Notes on Business Reputation_____________________________________


Immediate burial:                                 $_________

Immediate cremation:                          $_________

Donation of body to a medical
school or hospital:                                $_________

Full Service Burial/Cremation

Basic fees for funeral director/
staff:                                                           $_________

Pick up of body:                                         $_________

Embalming:                                               $_________

Extra fees for body
preparation:                                               $_________


Most Expensive Options

Highest priced wood casket:           $_________
Make and Model #___________________________________________

Highest priced metal casket:           $_________
Make and Model #___________________________________________

Highest priced fiberglass casket:   $_________
Make and Model #___________________________________________

Least Expensive Options

Lowest priced wood casket:           $_________
Make and Model #___________________________________________

Lowest priced metal casket:          $_________
Make and Model # ___________________________________________

Lowest priced fiberglass casket:   $_________
Make and Model #___________________________________________

Rental Casket Options

Highest priced rental casket:        $_________

Lowest priced rental casket:         $_________

Cremation Containers

Highest priced container:             $_________

Lowest priced container:              $_________

Notes: ___________________________________________________




Vaults and Grave Liners

Vault price:                                        $_________
Description and model #______________________________________

Grave Liner price:                             $_________
Description and model #______________________________________


Hearse Options:                               $_________ – $__________

Limousine Options:                          $_________ – $__________

Notes: ____________________________________________________


Services and Fees

Visitation staff and facilities:   $__________

Funeral & Memorial services: $__________

Graveside service – All fees
included:                                $__________

Other Services:

Forwarding body to another
funeral home:                                $__________

Receiving body from another
funeral home:                                $__________

Total based on the highest priced services and equipment: $_______________

Total based on the lowest priced services and equipment:   $_______________


Lot or Crypt:                               $___________

Opening and closing the
grave or crypt:                            $___________

Marker/ Monument:                    $___________

Ongoing Care of lot/crypt:          $___________

Over all total: $ _________________





Questions to ask:

    • How long has the funeral home been in business?

    • What is the funeral home’s reputation in town?

    • Do they offer you a contract with details of the goods and services they offer you?

    • Does the funeral home have accommodations for your spiritual and religious views and traditions?

    • If the funeral home in a convenient location?

    • Is the staff helpful and caring?

    • Do you feel comfortable with the funeral director?

 Additional Notes:__________________________________________________



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