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By: Frugal Websites  09-12-2011

Domain Name Registration

Before you can register your domain name you need to make sure it isn't already registered. When you are sure it's available, you then register the domain name. For a business, the most common is as a .com which is for commercial. Some prefer to register a .ca domain for Canada. Since most people think of a .com for a business first I recommend they go with a .com. If a .com domain is already registered then I suggest a .ca domain.

Some businesses like to register both so regardless of what a persons enters they are directed to their web site. The fee to regsiter a second domain name is $13.00 plus H.S.T.

Domain Transfers

If you wish to transfer your domain the fee is the domain registration of $13.00. You still own your domain name, it is just who it is registered through. The balance of any time on your current domain registration continues. In onther words, say your domain renews in April 2011 and you transfer it in October 2010. Your domain would come up for renewal again April 2012.

The $82.49 Web Package!

You've seen those "set it and forget" commercials. That was / is the whole idea behind the $82.49 / $50.85 web packages. One stop, full service of having someone look after everything. The features I provide in the setup are vast and don't require any extra charge. If a customer suggests something that is going to be time consuming or difficult to implement they will be advised up front so they can decide whether or not they which to add that feature or make that change. There are no surprises!

If you would like to see the various items I can include without it affecting the package price please


Website Design Only

You already have your domain name and a place to host your webstie. All you want is me to design or set it up. My rates are $28.00 per hour plus H.S.T. As mentioned elsewhere depending on the complexity will depend on the price. The majority of websites only take two to three hours to set up.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011