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By: Frima Studio  09-12-2011
Keywords: Helicopter, Console

So Da Vinci the Great Inventor sketched a helicopter!

Did he make a Zombie horde move across a city with the flick of a thumb, did he save Sea World with a tap of the A button.. no, but the helicopter was still a great idea.

You sketch the great idea; we'll make it a reality! Inventive games on console! Frima Studio, Massively Creative

Keywords: Console, Helicopter

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Did he texture map, normal map, shadow map, light bake and render out his landscapes in 3D with green screen live action on top. At Frima Studio we know a great artist when we see one. So Turner was a great landscape artist… hmmm.


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Some people say the future can be read in crystal balls, tarot cards, the lines on your hand or even tea leaves… Only the great prophets could predict that SmartPhones would revolutionize the way mobile games are created and distributed. Frima adapted its technology to make every one of the 80 games we've produced a success. Tell us your dreams, we'll make them happen.


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Take the Build-a-Bearville world, teeming with over 12 million furry inhabitants and a booming virtual economy with a Gross Virtual Product of 17 389 550 990. The Frima star does not cause sunburn; it just provides a warm and comfortable climate for Virtual World economies to develop in. At the centre of our solar system is a team of dedicated and creative professionals orbited by 9 exciting Virtual Worlds.


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Every time the wife, the kids or dad logs into one of our clients virtual worlds, they're not out shopping, losing golf balls, breaking the best china or buying another pair of "must have" shoes. So the economists screwed up or was it the bankers, government, big business… Blame whoever you will.