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By: Freya Forestry  09-12-2011

Do you take pride in your woodland?

Do you want to increase your woodland’s value while preserving its health?

Is your woodland’s natural and cultural history important to you?

Are you ready to explore treatment options suitable to your woodland type that will meet your personal goals?

Freya Forestry offers administrative and operational services to help you enhance your woodland now and for generations to come.

Woodland Planning

Freya Forestry will help you develop an integrated woodland management plan. Plans are adopted to meet your choice of , , , or certification standards and can also be structured to meet forest project protocols for woodland owners preparing to enter the carbon offset market.

New and old plans or portions thereof can be developed incrementally. From GIS mapping and ecosite classification to detailed stand inventories and stakeholder interviews Freya Forestry flexibly accomodates your time and budget. We can can develop as much or as little of the plan as needed. With a forest management plan maintained up-to-date as a living document your woodland will be recognized for the preciously unique and well cared for investment that it is.

Document Collaboration

Freya Forestry deploys a robust Enterprise 2.0 document and recordkeeping system as a virtual community of practice where privacy is assured and authorized access is under the woodlot owner’s control. Quality documents and records such as plans, maps and photos are versioned and indexed for quick and convenient search. Using an affordable, secure and extensible cloud computing platform can benefit the smallest user. No longer are economies of scale exclusive to the largest enterprises.

Facilitating secure and effective collaboration between woodland owners, contractors, foresters, technicians, researchers, auditors and other external parties is a key condition for meeting operational, regulatory and certification requirements. If you are a woodland owner or operator inundated with paperwork, Freya Forestry will help you get and stay organized.

Heritage Research

Freya Forestry assesses cultural and natural heritage features in forested landscapes.  We believe in forging strong links between people and place and in helping woodland owners piece together the stories their land can tell. This includes Category A archaeological reconnaissance if required.

Site Conservation

Freya Forestry rejuvenates forested landscapes that hold special meaning for the woodland owner or local community. We follow heritage conservation standards and guidelines that ensure site integrity and aesthetic values are maintained. Special places, regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant, can become nodes of exceptional stewardship that invite us in and connect us to our woodland in profoundly personal ways.

Cultural and natural heritage features in forested settings include but are not limited to:

  • historic walls and foundations
  • trails
  • geological anomalies
  • unique habitat
  • cemeteries
  • springs
  • groves
  • viewscapes

Property Monitoring

Freya Forestry monitors forested properties for absentee land owners. We can be contracted by woodland owners requiring property status updates or institutions responsible for maintaining conservation easements.

Forest Rehabilitation

Freya Forestry utilizes low impact forestry practices to release and prune crop trees, plant seedlings, control invasive species, distribute coarse woody debris, create cavity trees, erect nest boxes, innoculate sites with edible fungi and buck firewood. Please inquire about our hourly rates. Depending on treatment, provincial funding may be available for woodland owners to subsidize silviculture costs.

If you wish to sell timber Freya Forestry assists with pre-harvest planning and preparing request for quotes (RFQ), request for proposals (RFP) and contracts for attracting and selecting qualified loggers and buyers. We oversee logging operations as requested to ensure contract requirements are met in addition to maintaining full and accurate recordkeeping of load numbers and scale tickets on per unit sales.

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The products they utilize are nature’s gifts, whether it is the food men subsist upon or the clothes they wear, the tools they work with or the houses they dwell in. It is through the labour of these workers who contribute most and are renumerated least that we find the Achilles’ heel of civilization. Lumbermen and all workers in wood, like agriculturists and the miners and manufactures of the metals, are the world’s real benefactors.