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By: Freightliner  09-12-2011

When you have a problem with your rig, you need help right away to get back out on the road. You shouldn't have to wait for days just to find out that you needed a five-minute fix. And that's why Freightliner is rolling out its new Express Assessment.

You Can't Fix the Problem Before You Find It
Normally, if you take your truck to a mechanic you have to wait until everyone ahead of you is back on the road before you can even find out what's wrong with your truck. That means at best you are waiting for hours just to find out what you can do next and at worst you spend a lot of time waiting in line to fix a tiny problem. Either way that means you are sitting in a tech bay, so you aren't making money. When you bring your truck to one of our service centers with Express Assessment, we promise to try and find the problem within two hours of your arrival.

Express Assessment locations have a senior technician assess your truck within two hours of your arrival. After they find the problem, the tech can order any parts they need right away, so you will know how long everything will take right then. That means you can decide right away if you have to get a new truck out to you, have another driver take your load, or find a hotel for the night.

Select your state or province to find an Express Assessment location near you.

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