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By: Freeze Check  09-12-2011

  • Simply press a button to start temperature recording
  • A blinking light indicates a temperature excursion anywhere in transit
  • To stop recording, press the button and drop postcard in mail

ATI’s streamlined solution saves time and costs. You won’t need to purchase data loggers, readers or software. And there’s no need for training or system administrators. Anyone can follow the simple instructions on the card.

Find out for yourself how LOG-IC saves time and costs. Call ATI at 1-800-648-6339 today and request your free LOG-IC auto reply postcard monitor.

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One eye, located in a docking station, sees the other eye on the temperature device and, upon confirmation, gives the signal to then download the data. 4,000 logged data points; 53 histograms (each capable of storing 16 million temperature readings); 48 excursion records; min/max temperatures. A tag needs the RF field of the reader to communicate but can also use a battery to operate without the influence of a reader.