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By: Frank Cox  09-12-2011
Keywords: laboratory, calibration, Precision Gauges

We specialize in the calibration of dimensional measuring instruments, precision gauges, and masters. Our facility, The Canadian Central Gauge Laboratory, is the most experienced independent laboratory in Canada in this field. It is accredited to ISO Guide 25 (ISO 17025) by The American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) for both laboratory and on-site work.

The same equipment and expertise used to produce precision gauges is available for thread grinding mold cores, lead screws, thread rolling dies etc. MEASUREMENT DISPUTE RESOLUTION
Our laboratory can help resolve measurement disputes using the same technology applied to our calibration work. Often, we are able to provide the reason why measurements don't agree between you and your customer or supplier. Keep your business relations congenial by having our independent experts solve the measurement problem.METROLOGY/CALIBRATION CONSULTING & TRAINING
Our company's expertise in precision measurement is available on a contract basis to help you sort out problems or establish new in-house capabilities. Also, our technical representatives are experienced and knowledgeable and more than willing to assist you from time to time as part of the personal service they provide our customers.

Keywords: calibration, laboratory, Precision Gauges

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Technical help in selection and the solving of measurement problems is part of the support we also provide with each product as Canada's leading specialists in this field. Ask for your copy of our Special Sale Sheet which lists a range of equipment with special prices that offer significant savings over regular prices. We offer an extensive range of the products for dimensional metrology and calibration.