Foxit Solutions for the Enterprise

By: Foxit Software  09-12-2011

  • Legal & Finance - Automate and streamline legal documents and contracts. Reduce risk with redaction. Improve e-Filing, archiving, and search capabilities.
  • Compliance - Archive and secure content based on industry regulations (HIPAA, SOX, FDA, etc.).
  • Procurement - Streamline transactional processes.
  • Training/eLearning - Collaborate and track resources, reduce expenses related to paper, and reduce travel expenses through electronic work flow.
  • Manufacturing/Product Development - Improve time to market through more efficient electronic review and approval, reduce errors, and reduce paper.
  • Government - Low cost way to improve processes, reduce paper processes, and to secure sensitive information.
  • Medical - Large quantities of documents related to each patient must be secured to restrict access, scanned for erroneous content, redacted to remove certain metadata, and searched for research or legal purposes.
  • Regulatory - guidelines must be met and proof of compliance needs to be provided. Requires secure access, archiving, electronic work flow, and process improvements.

Foxit Enterprise Reader

Other products and services from Foxit Software


Foxit's Webinar Series

This webinar is targeted to business running Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services who require an extension of these security services to cover PDF documents. Meta-data, including title, author, subject, keywords, created time/date, last save time/date, number of pages, and the name of file-created application. The "Foxit® Business Ready PDF" webinar is targeted to new PhantomPDF™ users or those evaluating new PDF solutions.


Foxit Volume Licensing Programs

Greatly simplify installs and increase the efficiency of IT with a single serial number per product ordered under the same End User ID. Upgrade Protection provides customers who are current on their contracts free upgrades to all new major versions of purchased products. Keep track of installs throughout the month/quarter and save money and resources by placing only one PO.


Foxit Solutions for Developers / OEMs

Solution to help you provide a better user experience in your applications- Out of memory handling- Advanced memory management- Progressive rendering. This enables usersto develop applications once and easily port the application to smartphones, tablets, desktops, and browsers. Device independent platform – Foxit uses the same code base for all platforms. Customizable user interface that supports localization.