By: Forward Life  09-12-2011
Keywords: Stop smoking

We have Customized Hypnotic process downloads available!

Listen to this beautiful trance inducing music by Psymatix.  All of the music that is integrated in our processes is by Psymatix. We have created and customized  hypnotic suggestions with our own voices, specializing in emotional, mental, and physical well being.  Please scroll down for our list of hypnotic processes  below.

Call Forward Life directly at (818) 632-4565 to order and learn more information about our custom hypnotic processes.

Our downloads are specialized in the following areas:
  • Increase Self-Esteem

  • Attract Success

  • Reclaim Abundance

  • Intuitive Decision-Making

  • Sales- Connect & Close

  • Sales- Summoning Your Inner Sales Genie

  • Feeling Good

  • Dissolving Discomfort

  • Optimal Weight

  • Oozing The Weight Off

  • Stop Smoking Reinforcement

  • and more!

The Hypnotic Processes have been created by Arash Shahangian, M.A., MFT, C.Ht, with collaboration with Leigh Spusta, C.Ht, creating trance inducing music, Robert Slusarenko, C.Ht, and Mahastee Mehdizadeh, M.S., M.F.T., C.Ht.

Please call 818-632-4565 to order, and please pay through pay pal below.

We will  then send you the MP3 tracks via Send This File.

If you would like a C.D. copy sent to your home, additional delivery cost will be added.

Keywords: Stop smoking