Formulatrix | NT8 Crystallography

By: Formulatrix  09-12-2011

The NT8 is a fast, nanoliter-volume liquid handler with drop dispensing capability. The 8-tip head can aspirate and dispense drops from 100nL to 1uL.

    Fast :
    Can set 100nl drops across 96-well plate in 90 seconds.
    Efficient :
    Dead volume between 1-3 μl for 96 drops.
    Cost Effective :
    Tips are reusable, but are also inexpensive enough to be disposed after each use.
    Precise :
    Can dry dispense any volume between 100nl-1μl of a range of fluids with CV’s below 5%.
    Small :
    The NT8’s is about the size of a microwave oven.
    Smart :
    Active humidity control reduces sample evaporation.

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