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By: Formula One Consulting  09-12-2011
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Process Building and Quality Management are very important in running your day to day business operation. Take a look at the list below on areas where we can help you and your staff to build processes for your business.

1. Increased Efficiency : Companies can increase their efficiency through fine-tuning the way work is performed. Having identified key processes to your business and the methods which to deliver them will reduce operating cost and increase profit margins.

2. Understanding Roles and Responsibilities: With clearly defined processes employees will fully understand their roles and responsibilities along with those of their co-workers.

3. Reduced Learning Curve: Through the acquisition of new employees or the promotion of existing employees into new roles, documented business processes will reduce the learning curve and set expectations.

4. Expansion: Clearly defined processes create the ability to expand operations into new locations. As your business grows, a fully documented operating procedure will allow the company to operate “out-of-the-box”. Having processes fully defined and documented can allow a company’s operation to expand more efficiently.

5. Replicable through Franchising: Your business processes are the most valuable intangible asset of your company. The proper documentation of operations will position your business model to be franchised if you’re looking to grow.

6. Positioning for Acquisition: Companies or investors that look to acquire other businesses, whether in an attempt to expand their service offerings, strengthen their market position, or reduce competitors in the market, are shopping for companies with finely tuned business models and operating efficiencies. The investors are buying profitable systems that are clearly defined through well documented processes.

7. Reduced Operating Cost: Through economies of scale, an operation becomes better as it becomes familiar with the standard repeatable procedures of the organization.

8. Employee Retention: As employees become more familiar with their roles, they become confident and efficient. The implementation of processes set the expectation for an employee to exceed in terms of performance.

Shop Management System Support

Certified Trainer for Summit Software Solutions (Collision Repair Software).

Shop Management Systems provide information for decision making on planning, organizing and controlling the operation of the business. They are also used by businesses to ensure that their operations, products and services meet or exceed the customer’s demands. We are an experienced team that can help support you to improve, maintain or excel at your Management System to ensure that you get the value you need to provide in order to make your customer’s happy.

Business Analysis and KPI Reports
Numbers play a huge role in your business, and we will show the true success of how your business is performing, let us show you how to pull accurate numbers. If your systems are out of place, then let us show you how to fix the information so that you can pull accurate numbers. We can also provide Weekly/
Bi-Weekly/Monthly and Annual KPI Reports for all Insurance Companies and Store’s Information so that you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself!

Cost Containment and Control

There are always areas in every business that can be improved, no matter what the case is, we can guarantee to come in and show you how to save costs by looking at some reports and getting to know the business. You’d be surprised at what we can retrieve!

Accounting Systems and Bookkeeping
Certified and trained in QuickBooks Easy Start, Pro and Premiere. With having several years of bookkeeping experience, we can come in and save your bookkeeper time as well as train, and show areas for improvement in your day to day accounting practices. We also offer the service of doing your books for you as well.

Staff Holiday Replacement
Need someone to fill in while he/she is away? Having the knowledge of both Audatex and Mitchell, and both Management Systems Summit and ABS, we can come into your business and take over the position of the person that goes on holidays. We are not certified in Appraising yet…but hang tight that will be coming soon. We can also fill in for bookkeeping positions.

Keywords: Bookkeeping