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Advanced NLP Presentation Skills

With this MP3/CD set, we show you the tricks that other training companies wish they had! Taken from a live training, Adam Sprackling and Terry Elston show you how to present magically with ease, confidence and power!

From Values to Motivation

On this 4 CD (or MP3) set, we show you the secrets of how to motivate people in business and personal situations. Values are the building blocks of motivation, so working with them is working at the highest level of motivation! Now with NLP techniques, motivating someone has been turned from guesswork back into a process that anyone from a manager to parent can easily use. Taken from a live training with Terry Elston and Adam Sprackling.

Meta-Medicine Introduction Set & Manual

On this 6-CD set (or MP3) we have an excellent live recording of Susanne Billander during a two day introduction on Meta-Medicine. On this audio set you will learn about the 10 META-Medicine principles and how all of disease is a natural cycle, related to the body's natural way of coping with situations. Easy to understand with many examples, this set is of the finest quality and great value. If you are health coaching, this is a 'must' for you!

From Myers Briggs to Metaprograms

Live recording taken from the live Master Practitioner training held in Brighton. This 4 CD audio set (or MP3) covers the magical use of metaprograms and using them to understand different personality types in work, home and life. This process is similar to Myers Briggs, but much,much simpler to use and even to memorise. The technique is  directed at the unconscious mind, so the answers come from the place where they were stored originally! Used in management, coaching and personal situations, Adam talks you through how to elicit and then utilise 17 metaprograms verbally. Included is a specially designed A4 sheet that you can photocopy and use time and time again as a tool for personality profiling.


A fantastic Journey in the unconscious;  firstly, finding out your current relationship to other people  (and have a chance to clean up a relationship) and also with money, then give yourself the chance to free your ability to have and hold money. Using a unique technique to discover your relationship with monewy and give you exercises to do. Recorded by Terry, this CD/MP3 is designed to bring abundance to you, even in your sleep.

When you buy this you also get a free ebook, Think and Grow Rich!

Quantum Linguistics

This 5 CD/MP3 set takes you beyond words to resources during conversational change work. As well as showing you the incredible linguistic depth of the  quantum filed, we take you on a deeply hilarious journey into the 'Quantum soup'. If you like books like the "Holographic Universe" or films like "What The Bleep?", then this is the experiential version. You will be  trained in how to enter this linguistic field of possibilities for yourself and clients.

Six Step Sales Strategy

This amazing audio set takes you through how to sell effectively, gracefully and successfully! Keeping it to a simple six steps, this technique took our sales through the roof. If you are into getting results in sales, get this CD!


How Strategies can help: This audio  set could be called "How to change habits and behaviours". You'll know how to elicit other peoples strategies for attraction, deep love, buying, selling.

Habits - Stop bad habits like eating poorly and shopping poorly (or too well). Learning/spelling strategies explained. If you are a coach, strategies are essential to know to be able to take someone from one place to another, even after doing clean up work with them.

Taken from a live training (some of the content is visual, like eye patterns, so please bear in mind when purchasing)

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